Racial Profiling: what it is and why it Must End

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In 2018 Racial profiling is a constant issue throughout the United States and in California as well. According to an ACLU article "Racial Profiling refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on an individual's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.

In the last 2 years police brutality and racial profiling have been an ongoing situation. Law officials are specifically targeting African Americans and Hispanics without having evidence of any criminal activity. Racial profiling is not okay in any shape or form nor is it constitutional. Many Americans are losing their lives, jobs, and shelter. It is also in fact illegal, violating the U.S. Constitution of equal protection. A factual example of racial profiling involved Byron Ragland. On November 7, 2018 the owner of Menchie's frozen yogurt shop called and asked for officers to remove an African American from the facility due to the fact that the owner along with his employees were ??uncomfortable?? with his presence. Bryon is a 31 year old court-appointed special advocate and visitation supervisor his reasoning for being at the yogurt shop was to oversee a visitation between a mother and her son. When Ragland explained his side of the story the officers immediately apologized and allowed him go on with the visitation.

Racial Profiling may have some pros to it for example; it can prevent a crime from happening. When a police officer stops someone because they suspect criminal activity there is probable chance to stop a crime before it begins. It could decrease the risk of death, robberies and harm to citizens, People who would most likely commit a crime usually move somewhere else or change their actions because there is a probability that they'd be stopped before they could accomplish what they?•e about to do. Profiling can also be time consuming a way to save the state money, when officials are usually looking for specific individual for example less resources are needed. However there can be a loophole in this situation if the profile is wrong and it can lead to waisted resources.

Furthermore profiling can be a form to prevent terrorists attacks. According to Jack Geer a Standford Review staff writer the main reason for racial profiling is to help stop terrorism. ??The U.S is engaged in a global struggle agaisnst islamic fundamentalists, and it is a fact that most of these terrorists are Arab consequently this is the reason why they are the most watched in airports.

Despite the pros of this topic Racial Profiling violates the rights of an individual making them feel unsafe, humiliated and aggravated.

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