The most Influential Person in my Life

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The most important person that has affected me in my life was my mom. My relationship with my mom was like a regular relationship between mother and son. We would talk and go to the movies. We didn’t get into arguments or anything of a serious incident at least not then.Then my relationship with my mom took a turn for the worse when she began dating a man with a negative reputation in our family. At first, I was okay with him, but then, he began to act like a new person, and he began to treat my mom terribly, and she just ignored it, which made me furious. I began to direct my frustration and anger of him into her. I felt like my feelings towards him didn’t matter to her. Me and my mom began to communicate less, she began to take me out less.

It got to a point where she would speak to me and I would just ignore her. I felt like I lost her mentally even though she was here physically. There were some gray periods for her. But I knew before it becomes better it will get worse. Unfortunately, for me I was right in which my mom went from being in a bad relationship to becoming a missing person. Her being reported missing caused me to think it was because of me all the respect I wasn’t giving plus him caused her to have mental breakdown which in turn caused her to leave without telling anyone. During the time of this situation, I thought I had a strong displacement towards my mom but, as I got older I realized it wasn’t towards my mom it was towards her boyfriend.

I had a realization that if my mom was gone, I was going to become the person she always wanted me to be which was a strong and hopeful individual. I would have talks with god to say to him to watch over me and my mom, and to bring her home safe. I was praying for her every day. I dedicated myself to become better for her even if I thought I was never going to see her again.

My grades began to improved and my GPA began to increase and I did that for her and me. I had to realize that I couldn’t go down that path because I didn’t like my mom’s boyfriend because it didn’t just affect my mom it affected me and my school work. I began to play football for her, she always said she thought I could play sports. She said she wanted me to go to college. I asked why, and she said that she wanted me to go caused she wasn’t able to go, and she wanted me to carry out her dream. Now I’m actually going for her and myself. I can now become a first generation college student. There is a good ending to my story, my family was able to find my mom alive and for the first time In a long time I said I loved to which she began to cry and say she loved me back. She said that we will fix our mistakes together. From this I realized with good situations comes horrible things and from horrible situations come a beautiful things and a stronger person.

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