The most Influential Person in History was Albert Einstein

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People are not born loving or hating math, the subject must be learned in order for it to be appreciated for its functions it has provided for society. Great minds have changed the course of life with new findings and studies these people are often considered doctors, engineers, architects, and physicists etc., but most importantly they are mathematicians. They have solved the indescribable amount of theories, and thanks to them are now proven. The most influential person in history was Albert Einstein because he changed the way we viewed the world.

The story of the famous mathematician named Albert Einstein, began the day he was born on March 14, 1879 in Germany. He is the son of Jewish parents Hermann and Pauline Einstein. His father was an engineer and sales man and later went on to find an electrical equipment company (Albert Einstein Biography). Albert was not as bright when he was young he learned to speak late which concerned his parents making them believe he'd have problems learning, but later as time passes Einstein would present well in physics and mathematics which would become his strongest subjects, while the failing his other subjects. He later went on to Zurich university where he was not accepted the first time due to not meeting the requirements in the exams, but later was accepted after presenting again, this was where he met his first wife Mileva the mother of his two children ( When in college as a student he would tend to mess around during class which later on when he graduated affected him when it came to find a job because no one would hire him. Which he later became depressed, he felt like he was a disappointment. He started considering leaving science to sale insurance and if that would've happened we wouldn't have the equations and concepts we now know of today. Einstein still had no luck in teaching he ended up as an office clerk where he wrote his life changing statements that ended up getting him a career as a professor teaching at Zurich university (the extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein).

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