Influential Women of the 20th Century 

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A biblical name Orpah was mispronounced as Oprah. Today, the name is worth millions. Oprah opens up about what she was insecure about and what she was confident about she stated 'I was most confident speaking in front of people. I knew how to talk...I was most terrified of… not of being enough. Not being good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough.' ('Oprah').

Oprah was spread thinly out between her father being in Nashville, grandmother in Mississippi, and mother in Milwaukee. 'The time with her mother was most traumatic: she suffered several instances of sexual abuse, the first at age nine by a 19-year-old cousin. Oprah revealed the incident in a now legendary segment of her talk show; today she says the abuse was 'not a horrible thing in my life. There was a lesson in it. It teaches you not to let the people abuse you.' it didn't however, help her turn into a rebellious and promiscuous teen.' (Zoglin). As she went to stay with her father he made her read and memorize twenty vocabulary words this made Oprah stronger.

Now they only talk a few times out a month, she tried to retire him but he refused. He only asked simply for her to the Tyson versus Spinks boxing tickets and she came through with them. Starting off as an attractive teen she won Miss Black Tennessee of 1971. She started in a field that was dominated by white males. Which meant this was an extra hard journey to excel in. As she attended Tennessee state she was a reporter and anchor Nashville CBS. Later in Baltimore WJZ-TV a badly botched attempt made her lose all her hair and her job at twenty-two. She then went after the role of Sofia she felt the character on a spiritual envelopment because she had been through some of the same circumstances as Sofia. After she won the part she was nominated for an Oscar. She was on to the second film which was a sitcom for ABC she was the talk show host.

Most production Mrs.Winfrey has done involved black authors and subjects that matter. She started her own production company called Harpo which is Oprah spelled backward. This company was to develop TV and movie projects. Oprah off TV life consists of reading book. Meeting her boyfriend every couple weeks. Her friends were the people with she worked. Most of them were young and white they said she has helped them get through many circumstances their life. As the money starts flowing she starts spending her money carelessly going to boxing matches, in her new hairdo, and in her drop-dead gorgeous outfits.'There are Chicagoans who say that Oprah has forgotten her roots, that success has gone to her head.' (Zoglin). She decided she was at the most peaceful space she's ever been in her life.she realized that she no longer has anything to prove. She stated a cookbook with a section that introducing her and her motives.

Michelle Obama was first a lawyer, then a writer, next to a mother, and the wife of the former president, Barack Obama. She was always around her father as he was around the community trying to get people to vote. That was instilled into her trying to let her voice be heard in society. Michelle graduated from Princeton cum laude with a bachelor in Sociology. Then she went on to study law at Harvard law school, she got her J.D. in 1988. After law school, she works as an associate in the Chicago branch of Sidley Austin firm, in the area of marketing. Where she met her soon to be husband Barack Obama. In 1991 she decides to leave the firm to go work with the mayor and then on to be the assistant commissioner of the planning of development for the city of Chicago.

In 1996, she went to the University of Chicago as the associate dean of student services, she started developing community-service program beginning in 2002. She worked for the University of Chicago hospital as one of the executive directors. By her husband's side, she had a good eye of the national audience in 2004 at a national convention. In 2007, Michelle set back her own work to attend to family and campaign obligations during Barack's run for the presidential nomination. He won the election 2008 as their lives changed as they moved into the white house. Michelle launched the let's move campaign in 2010, bringing together communities a nationwide effort to address the challenge of childhood obesity. The campaign brought healthier lunches, made kids want to get active, urging the companies to make healthier foods for children. In 2011, Michelle and Dr. Biden teamed up to launch joining forces a nationwide initiative calling all Americans families and support them through wellness and employment opportunities. In 2014, she launched yet another campaign this was the Reach Higher Initiative. This was to help young people take charge of their education and expose them to college and career opportunities.

Also, this helps them find financial aid eligibility. As the first lady, Mrs. Obama worked on issues close to her heart. In 2017, the Obamas' leave the white house. She was not fawn of Trump winning the election, she told the health conference 'think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap.' (Westfall et al). As they settle into their new home Michelle says that the key to marriage is two separate bathrooms. Sasha is the only kid at Milia went off the college so Sasha has a two room sweet. She said Mr. Obama doesn't have enough closet space so now he's hating on Sasha. The family still remains in Washington so Sasha can finish high school with her friends. They say it's odd it is odd being able to open the door when the doorbell ring, also the dogs don't even know what a doorbell is. She's traveling getting projects going and having some fun since leaving the white house.

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