Lionel Messi is Influential Person in Football

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Lionel Messi is a professional soccer player who is extremely well known across the world. He has set many world records in the game many people continue to be greatly influenced by him everyday. He is very well-known because of many accomplishments throughout his life. Someone who is an influential person is someone who can set an example for all the people around them. Messi has a huge impact on people around him all across the world. He is someone who shows others what being a team player is all about. Sometimes, being known all around the world and having people constantly look up to him could have some ramifications but in the end, Messi always tries his best to set a good example and be a well rounded person.

Messi was born on June 24th 1987 in Argentina. He did not always have it easy. When he was young, he had a growth hormone deficiency and his parents were unable to pay the amount needed to get him medical help. He needed 900 dollars a month for his treatment and his family did not have that kind of money. He never let this stop him. He worked hard and longer than the other kids and it paid off for him. Messi never gave up even when it was hard. He was not someone who fit in with all the other kids but he never let anything stop him from accomplishing his dreams. Messi is a very humble person with very many great values to offer to the world.

Messi is a very influential person because he has a positive impact on children, he donates a great amount of his money to multiple charities, and he has founded organizations that have changed the world. Messi joined the youth team as a young boy and began playing for FC Barcelona’s under-14 team when he was 13. He made his competitive debut when he was just 17 years old. He grew up in argentina and had to use most of his money for medical bills that he had because of his growth deficiency. He has two brothers and one sister named Rodrigo, Maria and Matias. He was born on June 24th, 1987 and he is currently 30 years old. In 2012, he set a record for most goals in a year. He is a great soccer player and someone who had to work extremely hard for what he currently has today.

Messi has a positive impact on children across the world. He has the ability to show young people that good sportsmanship is always a necessity to succeed in the game. He shows that the idea of the game is not always to win but is just to play the game and not to get angry or show off. He shows kids that it is important to play respectfully and have good sportsmanship at all times. He shows kids that hard work pays off and doing the right thing always benefits in a good way. He shows kids that it might not always be easy but in the end, it will be worth it. He did not have the easiest childhood but he overcame his obstacles and became a great iconic player in the game and throughout the world. He donates a great amount of his personal money to multiple charities. He visited Haiti after an earthquake and he took time out of his busy soccer schedule to visit and help them.

Messi also pledged to sponsor a 12-year-old boy’s medical bills for six years. The boy, was suffering from the same growth hormone deficiency that Messi suffered from when he was younger. He went to syrian classrooms and he helped build twenty classrooms for Syrian children in schools and helping over 1600 displaced children! He even went on his Facebook, and said: “A war day is too much. The children of Syria have been subjected to violence and cruelty for SIX years in a conflict that holds them hostage. As a father and as a UNICEF’s Ambassador I am heartbroken. Add your voice to Unicef to demand the end of the war.” He has founded organizations that have changed the world. One of his organizations was done through the Rosario Children Hospital Refurbishment.

Messi was named a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. He gave over €670000 for the refurbishment of a children hospital in his hometown Rosario. He even flew in doctors from Barcelona to train the local staff. He is a big part of the UNICEF organization. Another organization is called the “1 in 11” Campaign. At the start of the year, Messi joined forces with tennis superstar Serena Williams as the faces of the “1 in 11” campaign. This was to help 58 million children who are out of school to get an education. Both of these organizations were extremely beneficial to the people in need. Messi makes sure he devotes his time and money towards things that will impact the world in a positive way. He understands the importance of helping others and giving to people who are not as fortunate as himself. He has been given a great gift and he using that gift to help others. He understands that some people are not as lucky as he is and he wants to help them.

Over all messi has done many things throughout his life that will never be forgotten and he is still very young and has many more goals in his life to accomplish. Messi has had a strong influence on lives across the world. He influences people by the way he plays on the field and the way he acts off the field. He has made a huge impact on people's lives just by setting a good example to the people around him.

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