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Everyone in life has a person or a group of people that has influenced him or her the most. As for me, that one special person is my father. My father comes from a strong, religious family of twelve with two brothers and a twin brother who died before reaching three months old. Both of his parents passed away when he was 19. He then moved to Guam and lived on his own until he received his Associate’s Degree in Accounting. Upon receiving his degree, he returned home to American Samoa to strive to be successful in any possible way that he could. My father is a really hardworking man that will possibly do anything to help his family, church, and community; thus, is one of the reasons why he’s the most influential person in my life. He is the backbone of our family and is someone I can always count on. Life during his time was difficult due to poverty and the lack of technology, but my father was able to push through, risk little that he had, and start his own business. In fact, his business is still in operation up to this day and is our family’s main source of wealth. With my father coming from a very religious family, I too was raised in one. Ever since I was a young girl, my father made me attend all church activities yet I never really wanted to. Not only did he have me go to all church ministries, but he also planted a seed in my heart through family prayers and Bible studies at home. His perseverance in pushing me to be a devoted Christian has helped me become a better person in many ways. I have now grown up to learn how to love, respect, and to be polite although it may be really hard and tough at times. My father is really special and dear to me not only because he’s an amazing and loving father, but because his ways and teachings has brought me to where I am today and has shaped me into a decent young woman. He has made such an impact in my life in which I could never ask to have another father or trade him for anyone else, for I am more than satisfied, happy, and grateful with whom he is as a father to me.

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