The Definition for Drug War

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Over the years, the drug war has become a controversial topic that provokes quarreling debates. Drugs are undeniably popular; millions of Americans use and abuse. According to Alfred Blumstein and Joel Wallman, half or more of all serious crimes are drug-related. One-third of state prison inmates have committed drug-related offenses. The drug war has been an endless battle against impossible odds, there needs to be effective methods so there can be a chance to better communities nationwide. The drug war is a huge problem and it’s been ongoing for the past ten years. The drug of choice has changed and it has resulted in consequences such as violence and crimes that have impacted communities and families. The definition for drug war is conflict between law enforcement and those who deal in illegal drugs.

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“The Definition for Drug War”

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On March 22, 2018 President Donald Trump stated on a panel discussion in Washington, These people [drug dealers] kill thousands of people over the course of their lives through drugs. So we’re going to have to get much, much tougher in terms of penalty. And if you want to stop it ” if you look at certain countries where they have, as an example, the death penalty, and say, How’s your drug problem?’ And they will tell you, ?We don’t have much of a drug problem.’ Giving the death penalty to drug dealers/drug lords sounds a bit extreme, Trump argues that dealers who are not part of a violent crime should still be put to death because they are providing drugs for users and that could potentially kill them. Nothing is set in stone within the White House’s administrations Capital punishment sounds extreme and drug dealers, drug lord, king pins, abusers, and etcetera will not care until they have been held responsible for their actions. Which that is the main purpose to prevent people from getting to that point.

Drugs relation to crime are the potential effects they have on the user and what kind of behavior the drug causes, such as acts of violence or deviant lifestyles. The Bureau of Justice Statistics did a survey of inmates in state correctional facilities in 1991, all the offenses committed were under the influence of drugs or drugs and alcohol which has resulted in their incarceration. Offenders will commit their crime because of the deviant lifestyle they are trying to support. It’s often hard to depict if the offense committed was to either profit off the drugs or support the use of drugs. About seventeen percent of the BJS survey in 1991 were offenses to get money or buy drugs. Consequently, this drug war has created a lot of violent crimes in the process of drugs being trafficked. Reasons for the relationship between drugs and violence include: competing for customers and markets, locations could also be a factor that leads to violence, and those who drug traffic are susceptible to violence.

Unfortunately, over the years lethal weapons have been used and drug violence has become more deadly. In today’s American society it is unfortunate to say that drugs use and abuse has become a sad reality for some. American’s do wish for a drug-free society, it is just a matter of retaining significant knowledge that could prevent society from committing the same absurdity that has lead to drug policies. In addition, being well-informed about drug use and abuse is a necessity to fully understand what methods to help prevent this drug war from continuing. For example, understanding biological, environmental, behavioral and social causes, could potentially generate strategies on how to prevent drug use.

Developing treatments for those who abuse drugs could help maintain those people who once used drugs stay away from those deviant lifestyles. As a result of popular drug trends in America there have been an abundance of families affected by those decide to use or abuse on substances. Research has shown that adolescents from single-parent households are more prone to delinquent behaviors, including drug and alcohol use (Amato and Keith, 1991; Amey and Albrecht, 1998; Barrett and Turner, 2006; Bjarnason et al., 2003a; Eitle, 2006; Hoffman, 2002; Selnow, 1987). Typically family is often viewed as the strength, providing for members individuals needs and nurturance, and they ensure stability within the household and communities. Families can have an influence on attitudes, behaviors, and values of member in the family. Fast changes such as social, economic, and technological can influence families. It could weaken or strengthen families and that could potentially lead to drug use or abuse among family members. Disrupted family life appears to be a major risk factor for drug abuse among some young person, and that as many as 10 percent of the young people between 15 and 20 years of age in the northern part of Dublin were addicted to heroin(“Drug abuse in).

As the times are changing, there has been advances in technology, more opportunities for learning, and new creations. The ways of life are not always positive and when one enters into a negative state of life they tend to do bad things that provokes deviant lifestyles. Every generation grows up with different outlooks on life, with that being said, values and beliefs differentiate. Deviant lifestyles have resulted in consequences such as violence and crimes that have impacted communities and families. It is just a matter of understanding the fact that things change overtime.

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