Opioid Epidemic Drug Dependency

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Many patients become addicted to the pain and continue to misuse these drugs because even the smallest discomfort is not bearable. The article goes further to point out that “51.9% of people entering treatment for opioid use disorder in 2015 started with prescription drugs” (para. 10). Barbara (2018) explains that “patients have the expectation that doctors can prescribe drugs that will make recovery from surgery pain-free” which highlights an obstacle in the attempt to stop the opioid epidemic. She goes further on to explain how one of the main reasons that there is a resistance on the removal from all anaesthetics because patient satisfaction affects the hospital. A bad rating can turn to loss for the hospital but the doctors do not want to continue to turn their patients into addicts.

Quinn (2017) states that in this opioid epidemic drug dependency is not the problem but the legal industry is. 75% of the people who are treated for heroin addiction took their first opioid through their prescription- legally. As a result, States have implemented prescription drug abuse databases to help track the number of painkillers prescribed by doctors across states. This has led addicts no other option but to turn towards the streets and obtain illegal drugs like carFentanil and fentanyl which are 50 times stronger than heroin. The opioid epidemic not only takes 91 American lives per day but it also comes at an expensive price. 41 states have banded together to force drug manufacturers to change their tactics and to pay for the money these states have lost fighting this epidemic. In these lawsuits drug companies are being sued on the note that in no way shape or form they provide details telling patients how addictive these drugs can actually be. The states and the government have united together in court to drain the pharmaceutical companies of their profits or to fight long enough battles that these companies go bankrupt. They attempt to make an example of some drug companies in an effort to keep combating his opioid epidemic or enough to make them change their tactics.

Many patients and are becoming addicted to they’re prescribed opioids building a dependence. Methadone is considered one of the weakest Opiuo aids but is the schedule to Opiuo aid which has caused a lot of controversy on how one opioid can be used to get off another opioid. Others claim that it is an exchange of addiction. Many of the people who turn into street drugs choose to self administer doses to help relieve the pain orTo reach that euphoric effects that they know they will receive. There is medicine such as Norlakes which can be used to save someone if they are overdosing if caught in a certain time interval however many claimed that this will just continue to influence abusers to continue their addiction.

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Crystal Meth addiction is a problem in the country however one of the cities that suffers the most from Methamphetamine addiction. Fresno is between two highways which serves Fresno as a pit stop and one of the easiest places to deliver Meth. Vice also points out that the The law isn’t punishing drug distributors and it’s just leaving them off with a ticket. This feels the opioid epidemic in Fresno highlighting the crime statistics are not as low a they seem. Video also highlights how a stronger drug policy is not as efficient as lawmakers hope it to be. There must be opportunities for people to be reinstated into communities. This will cause an adverse effect which people will turn to even dirtier drugs which may be cheaper but the consumers will not know what they are laced with.

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