Templates for Building Fitness Sports Goods Store

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Summary: Online shopping trend has nearly reached its peak with most businesses getting adept with it. From retail groceries to sports, almost all consumers goods are now sold over online marketplaces and robust platforms like Magento are helping sellers to go online. In context to this, here’s a compiled list of fascinating sports templates from Magento for a Sports and fitness goods store.

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“Templates for Building Fitness Sports Goods Store”

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When you’re dealing with products related to sports or fitness or the gaming world, you need to be more professional while presenting your online store. It’s because sportspersons or the fitness freaks tend to be active, regiment or lives a properly ordered lifestyle. So, to be impressive their eyes, you need to get your online store that is elegant to look and reflects style and class.
For retailers who are in the sports industry, here are gathered up some coolest templates from Magento to use while launching their online store.

Sports Shop

A 100% responsive and powered by Bootstrap, Sports Shop in the perfect template design for a sports goods store. Featuring a well-structured and clean layout, it is a fully ready-made template yet offers ample scopes for customisation and editing. The owners or developers can change colors or fonts, as per the theme of the brand, put alluring sliders to showcase their benchmark products and integrated social buttons.

Buzz Sport

It is typically a theme for Gym equipment store that is fully responsive and can adapt screen sizes or resolutions. Its extensive features include Mega Menu, AJAX Wishlist, Catalog and images grid, smart product labels, catalog filter, special price down, film slider and so forth. While Buzz Sport has complete flexibility to build exceptional gym and fitness equipment store, it has bundles of widgets and custom modules to help sellers to mould it according to any brand and theme idea.

Hard Gainer

It is a template for sports nutrition store with clean and businesslike design to keep eyes of customers focussed only on the products. While the sellers can create trendy, captivating slider to show up hot deals, organised product carousel and the star-ratings will help them in decking up product presentation. Besides, there are immense shopping options for the customers so they could find out items as per brand, price, product name, dietary restrictions, nutritional content and so forth.

Sports Store

Similar to that of the Sports Shop, it is also a comprehensive Magento template that helps in creating any type of sports category store with widespread options for customisation. 100% responsive theme, it supports the chief features: Mega Menu, Cloud Zoom, Sliced PSD, Categories Accordion Custom page templates, Social options, Online chat, SEO friendly and Cross -browser compatibility.

Tennis Accessories

As the name suggests, it is primarily a template for selling accessories and equipment of Tennis. However, it’s also well suitable for any other sports goods and accessories too. There are many perks of the template. It has a rich set of smart features that leaves ample scopes to customise. For instance, one can change the Mega Menu elements positioning or the page layout. Also, built with fully valid code, there is no loophole in the template regarding the responsiveness and it runs smoothly in any devices.


This is a stunning and exclusive store theme for Martial arts’ kits and accessories that radiates energy, strong vibes and enthusiasm to the buyers. With many customisation modules and advanced features, it can easily moulded for every category of sports including karate, judo, wrestling, boxing, gyming, fitness, yoga and a sports supplies. Powered by the new AMP technology, which helps in enhancing its mobile experience, Red Dragon is a perfect template to kickstart a business of Boxing and MMA gear.


A premium Magento 2.0 theme, it comes with a high-end admin module and is customisable to a great extent. While it’s easy to use and suits with the requirement of every type of modern sports store, it houses some supreme theme features that are rare in other old Magento themes. Multi Header and Multi Footer, Visual Mega Menu Editor, Content Tab Widgets, Cloud Zoom are few to mention.

This list can go on. However, these are the most popular and top-rated templates that are sure to drive the buyers or sports freaks once they visit a store.

Author bio:..is an expert Magento developer in Sydney who has been working for PHPProgrammers for over 6 years, reputed eCommerce development company in Australia. Having handled over a hundred eCommerce projects in Magento, he has inherent expertise and knowledge about Magento, its themes, technologies and modules. Stay hooked on the Facebook page for more.

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