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Health and fitness business is failing all over the world. This could be heavily attributed to the kind of lifestyle people live. The rise in people with obesity all over the country means that the fitness industry is not doing its job. However, we cannot deny the fact that the fitness industry has a huge role that it plays in the lives of the people. Therefore, the health and fitness officers have to ensure that more people are indulging into health and fitness activities to help eradicate the rising failure in the fitness industry. This, therefore calls for a strategic program plan that is going to enable people to embrace health and fitness and peruse it. I have come up with a report that entails a couple of strategies that will be taken to ensure that the fitness business to start thriving.
One life Fitness Gym is a world-class fitness Centre situated in Maryland. The institution is dedicated to improving people’s lives by catering to their fitness needs. The institution is useful in their undertakings. Their missions are to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The institution has got the best services compared to other local gyms in the location. Exceptional performance has led to a high admittance rate. The fitness program that is currently being used in the organization does not allow for the members who have subscribed for group fitness to access personal fitness programs on the same subscription. As the personal head trainer, I have formulated several strategic plans that will ensure that the One life Fitness gym improves the own fitness program in the organization to encourage clients to subscribe more to the personal training services. It is essential for the organization to support the schedule for the reason that the program is highly profitable. My primary duty at the institution is to come up with a training program that will be both lucrative for the organization and suitable for the clients.
Statistics from highly reputable research institutions have revealed that there is a steady increase in the memberships at fitness centers. The study that was conducted by Statista (2019) in 2017 showed that the total number of people who subscribed for fitness programs in 2015 was 50 million. The name has raised to 60.87 million in 2017(Statista, 2019). This shows how lucrative the fitness business is. Most of the people in the fitness industry opt to go for personal training programs for the reason that the services offered are better than other training programs. The personal training program has the potential to increase the revenue of the business thus improving the financial status of the company. I will work with my team to ensure that the objectives of One Life Fitness Gym are achieved efficiently. The program includes a well-evaluated strategic plan that will encompass all of the aspects of the personal training program. The program entails information on how the program will cater for the 1000 members that will likely subscribe to the program, the employees and training stuff that will be needed achieve the objectives of the organization and the marketing strategies that will be used in promoting the personal fitness program in the organization.
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