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I met with three different individuals whom were new to training and nutrition. I explained the type of research I was doing, and asked them if they would be comfortable to tell me 3 specific limiting factors they are facing/have faced within their fitness journey. The first individual (Mona)explained thatshe was not including enough vegetables within her diet;she turned to food to help them cope with their emotions;she wasnot completely sure how to plan out healthy balanced meals for herself as no one had ever shown her. I let Mona know that I would be happy to help her tackle these limiting factors taking it one step at a time. We started with the amount of vegetables she has during the day, and I suggested that she keep track of her food she eats during the day in a chart I provided for her. I let her know that would be a good way to start so we can visually see a record of what she eats on a daily basis. I told her we could meet after 3 days to see what her chart displayed on her food choices. This record was also the suggestion for her to keep track of what food she eats as comfort since she stated she eats unhealthy to cope at times. After 3 days Mona and I met and we went over her food record. We discussed how it is important to have a “fist of vegetable with each meal, a palm portion of protein with each meal, one cupped handful of carb foods with each meal, and a thumb of fat with most meals” (Hatfield, 2018, p.599). We then discussed how this method will also help with her balancing her food groups as well. The last thing we covered was how she could improve on coping with her emotions by subbing an unhealthy food craving with an activity or hobbyshe would enjoy. She liked this idea as itshe felt it could take her mind off of her food, and mood. We discussed the importance of stress management and how it “includes rest and recovery-a rested will is a stronger will” (Hatfield, 2018, p.606). I let Mona know that I would be happy to continue to help her through this process as she appeared to open up to me about her limiting factors. I let her know that I would check back in with her in 3 days to discuss her progress. The second individual (Dianna) explained that she struggles with eating enough protein during her day as her job is very demanding. She tends to not sleep well, therefore only going on 4-5 hours a sleep a night. Third, she said that her meals she eats are do not make her feel full as she does feel that she has time to balance them out. Dianna is under a lot of stress running her own business, and her exercise time is one of her only escapes from her job. I asked her if she felt she could find the time to keep a diary of her foods she eats for a course of 3 days, and she agreed to do so. Before I left the meeting with her I told her we would meet back at the gym in 3 days and go over her food chart.Keep in mind Dianna is 5′ 3″ and 140 pounds. 3 days went by and she met me back at the gym after work and I could see that her breakfast consisted of a rice crispy bar, and a glass of orange juice. Her lunch consisted of a pack of peanut butter crackers (6 cracker pack), and aPepsi max. I explained the importance of drinking water to Dianna, and she said that she knows it is just hard to drink a lot as she only likes it super cold. Dianna is super nice, but she is an older client and I could see she is set in her ways. I could see that she may be a tough one to get through too, but I was determined to try and coach her with some nutrition tips. She was open to listening to me as she said she knows she needs to eat better, and balance her meals. I asked her if she could try an experiment for one week starting out with a meal plan I provide and see if she feels any different with her energy levels. She agreed. Ididask her what her energy felt like on a day shehas worked all day, then worked out and she said about a 5 on a 1-10 scale.The plan included the recommended amount for women which was “1 palm portion or protein dense foods with each meal, 1 fist of vegetables with each meal, 1 cupped handful of carb dense foods with each meal, and an entire thumb of fat dense foods with most meals” (Hatfield, 2018, p.599). I would also recommend to her that she shouldincrease her sleep time to 8 hours a night to see how she feels after a week experimenting. At the end of the period I would ask Dianna what her energy level would feel like to see if it had increased closer to the 10 on the scale stated above. I would go over her overall protein intake to see if she followed the recommended portions I suggested as well. The third individual (Dallas) I met with that was new to the exercise and training scene told me that he skips meals at times, then eats meals that are too large where he feels bloated. He will work straight through lunch some days, and then eat a big supper at night as he feels like he is starving. He went on to tell me that doing the work of eating healthy is hard at times as he is surrounded by his friends that like to go eat at places where the food is not so healthy. I did ask him if his friends are the type that can eat whatever and never gain weight, and he said they are and that he doesn’t think that is fair as he has to work so hard to try and stay healthy. I explained that is a frustrating part of this lifestyle, anda person doeswant to go eat with friends as I could seeDallas was a sociable person. Dallas then told me that he does not include the recommended amount of vegetables in his day either, but he does try and make time to eat at least one serving a day. He loves eating green beans and asparagus on the grill. With Dallas I incorporated the same kind of plan like I did with Dianna. I had him take a chart I provided to him wherehe is to take a diary ofwhat he eats for 3 days. I explained to him the daily recommendations for balanced meals with each mea which included: “2 palm portions of protein, 2 fists of vegetables, 2 cupped handfuls of carbs, and 2 thumbs of fat dense foods” (Hatfield, 2018, p.598).I wanted him to try and understand theimportance of not skipping meals as he may not get the nutrients his body needs. I told him I would check back with him in three days and see how he feels, and to see how his energy level improves. As with any client, I will make sure to let them know that this is just a recommendation on starting the process. I will not come across as a trainer that has high expectations, as I will want to meet the client where they currently are and slowly help them build confidence in overcoming limiting factors in their lifestyle fitness journey. I will encourage clients to look at how they feel after trying these methods, and see where they struggle and what we can tailor to help them meet their needs so they can feel like they are meeting a goal they have set. The book explained the “confidence method”(Hatfield, 2018, p.602) and how it incorporated a scale on replacing an unhealthy snack with a healthy choice snack. “It is better to have a client pick a decent method they can actually follow rather than a perfect method they quit after a few days” (Hatfield, 2018, p.602). The individuals I chose let me use their name in this study. Hatfield, F. (2018). Fitness: The Complete Guide Official Text for ISSA’s Certified Fitness Trainer Course. 9th ed. Carpinteria, CA: International Sports Sciences Association, pp.598, 599, 602.

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