Online Shopping Getting more Popular than Store Shopping

The article that I chose it is from Chicago Business Journey. This article is about Forever21 and Tommy Bahama are leaving Chicago’s Magnificent Mile due to their shoppersincreasingly make their purchases online rather than in stores. “Clothing retailer Forever 21 plansto close its two-level store at 540 N. Michigan Ave., while Tommy Bahama is seeking tosublease its shop at 664 N. Michigan.”This shows that after years of development, online shopping has become an importantway to shop. This is actually a very important sign of the change in our way of life, and itssignificance deserves our in-depth understanding and recognition. Shopping in person occupiesan important position, is an important aspect of modernity, but also a part of modern cultural life

.This kind of shopping is considered to be an important and basic form of modern people’s life.Shopping Center is more an important symbol of modern consumer culture. On the one hand,people can purchase goods by shopping in stores, and on the other hand, they get the pleasureand satisfaction of some kind of consumption. In any case, shopping and shopping malls are aregular choice. Online shopping is a new thing developed in these years, and it is an important part of thevirtual network of the Internet and the intersection of the reality under the line.

After more thanmore than 10 years of development, online shopping has now become an important part of people’s daily life. Young consumers are highly dependent on online shopping due to theflexibility and convenience of online shopping, home delivery services and redemption services.The development of online shopping makes the net purchase start all-encompassing, anycommodity can carry on the net purchase. This shock will develop rapidly in recent years andwill put pressure on the city’s traditional shopping malls. The challenges facing physicalbookstores today will put pressure on other physical stores in the future.

And at the same time letcompanies in order to attract young consumers have to pay attention to online sales of goods.The impact of online shopping on people’s lives is what everyone can feel, onlineshopping to People’s life brought convenience everywhere, in the past people buy goods can onlyrely on physical stores, distance, time limit and many other factors, people buy veryinconvenient, but now people can break the boundaries of time and space, the variety of productshave become more, the price is more close.

On the other hand, the emergence of online shoppinghas led to the development of logistics system, many people’s employment problems have beensolved, online shopping has also allowed some special groups of people to have the opportunityto work, for people to provide a lot of employment opportunities, the development of theeconomy has played a good role in promoting.In my opinion, it is a wise decision to make. Also it is a good news to their customer.Because most of their customer chose buy items online, so they do not need that much space todisplace their products. They can upload their picture of clothes online and people still going tobuy them. The advantage of online shopping is that the price is low, convenient and fast.

Foryoung people, especially in big cities, the pace of life is fast, not so much time, not so muchenergy. Sitting at home, in front of the computer, click the mouse, look at the Web page, the information will be quickly collected. And it affects fashion industry by changing the way thathow consumer purchases and that may cause a fluctuation in prices.Also I learned an important thing from this article: be award of the current fashionindustry and marketing. Forever 21 is an good example. They noticed their customer’s need andthey made strategy for that. Online shopping has already became a trend so they started cuttingextra cost on building physically store and offering more products online. Personally, I think it issmart to be flexible.

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