Pestel Analysis for Luxury Exchanging Store

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PESTEL Analysis for luxury exchanging store Political China’s political environment for the luxury goods industry, the favorable overall development, whether from government regulation and deregulation, import and export restrictions, labor market and other aspects, China for the luxury goods industry, has provided a broad stage; and also, as we the interview are aware, the luxury development of the industry for the Chinese government has brought a certain amount of revenue, for the promotion of economic development has made its own contribution. Economic

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“Pestel Analysis for Luxury Exchanging Store”

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From an economic sense, is essentially a high-end luxury consumption of consumer behavior. Luxury is a relative concept, its meaning in different socio-economic conditions are constantly changing. With economic development, many of yesterday’s luxuries have become today’s necessities, but also many of today’s luxuries become tomorrow’s necessities. Economic development is to maximize the satisfaction of the people’s growing material and cultural necessary, this need, in turn, promote economic development, economics is the study of how scarce resources to meet unlimited desires of mankind from this sense,

People needs is an inexhaustible motive force promoting economic growth. This need has always manifested in the initial pursuit of luxury goods, along with economic development, luxury became a necessity, will create new luxury needs, once again to promote economic development, economy is constantly in the process progress. As the level of people’s needs continue to increase, creating a series of new consumer demand for hot spots. China’s per capita GDP of 186. 43 U. S. ollars, luxury goods consumption growth was in direct proportion with the development of GDP, and GDP growth is at least twice Social With the large number of high-end consumer goods have moved into China and the world consumption gap is gradually reduced, the Chinese society pay more attention to promoting a new consumption concept, and many luxury brands is firmly grasped in different countries different consumer groups of consumer psychology, which makes the entire luxury industry developed steadily.

But for a small number of people, the comparisons are easy to create a flashy phenomenon. From a social sense, luxury consumption is a personal taste and quality of life improvements; as early as 30 years in the 20th century, Shanghai as the largest international city in the Far East, forming the embryonic form of luxury retailing in China. New rich people become a driving force an important force in high-end luxury consumer, luxury consumption, getting younger and younger. Social development, people’s income growth, demand growth will be faster.

Are some ordinary white-collar workers who will spend her entire monthly salary to buy one she was “able to withstand” • Louis Vuitton handbag. , There is When people exchange is to show off wealth, status,there is a party to participate in a variety of occasions. Technological We are a luxury for the exchange of each of its excellent technology, high product cost, product development, design, technology innovation, production and other aspects of the investment, but also the entire luxury products are different from general consumer goods, sought after by the people is another important factor.

Sustainable development and green eco-luxury packaging the future direction of development; other hand, the use of the “online distribution service platform business model, the website can also make online transactions, but does not charge any fees Legal For the exchange to ensure the exchange of luxury goods supply channels and the quality, they are not only required to provide identity cards to xchange and receive copies, the store also has a national level of professional qualification appraisal division, identification checks on the consignment commodities, and goods valuation until after the two sides signed an agreement to negotiate a good price. At this time, staff self-development through the SC-ESM terminal management system to record and play barcode commodity information and make price tag, and then disinfected items will put them in the counter exchange sales. Meanwhile, China’s investment Exchange Act, there is a sound legal protection.

The State has a comprehensive and Exchange Act, consignment method Pestle Analysis – Environmental Store’s environment does not require so magnificent, first thing that strikes a very transparent, spacious, orderly display of goods, there are so low-key points, introverted style of premium brands, but inside things are genuine luxury. Noon lunch and evening after work, people can come to stroll, there is a gang of white-collar work in the vicinity. The exchange of trade is bound to take opportune our idea of a “smooth flow of goods,” “Let there be no idle resources” concept to every people’s minds.

In order to achieve maximum conservation of social resources in order to idle resources for the carrier to create enormous social value, the real benefit of the community to achieve the benefit of mankind. Of course, such an exchange shop in cortical processing can reduce the pollution and the shortage of leather and other materials. Luxury mode of production will reduce the environmental impacts to a minimum level, such as carbon emissions from the use of machinery and equipment, solar panel applications and to further to achieve “zero emissions. “

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