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Change to driving slide. Imagine you and your family are driving on the road enjoying the view and then BOOM! You are hit by a drunk driver. Change to the crash slide. Drunk driving next to texting and driving is the leading most cause for deaths among teenagers. Many people go have fun with friends and decide to drink and drive and that’s not okay. We can reduce the amount of deaths by drunk driving by not agreeing to do it.

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“Change to Driving Slide”

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I want everyone to think twice before they get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Every day, 28 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 51 minutes (Motor Vehicle Safety: Impaired Driving). Change to the information slide.This can be reduced if people just decide not to drink and drive. People under the age of 21, are more likely to be in an accident related to alcohol then those who are over the age. The reason for this is because teenagers are less experienced with alcohol, we take greater risks, and they exercise less caution ( Teenage Drunk Driving Laws and Consequences). Talk about the teenager picture. One way we could solve this is maybe by having a lot more advertisements or things like that show how bad it is, these probably won’t stop people from doing it, but maybe other consequences will. Anyone know what state has the most deaths that are related to alcohol? Let a few answer then tell them and show slide.

The state that has had the most deaths related to alcohol is Texas, probably not really a surprise, they have had 13, 138 deaths. (Drunk Driving State Date and Maps) Change to map slide. That is a lot of deaths. I read a story recently that was about a family that was heading home after a day of love, laughter, and festivities (wedding day), Little did they know that there was a drunk driver on the road at the same time, the limo was hit head on, the limo driver was killed instantly. Fortunately, everyone else just had a few broken legs, a broke neck, bumps and bruises. Everyone except for one of the brides nieces, the little girl was decapitated by her own safety-belt. (Drunk driver smashes into wedding car: Police looks into wreckage and see horrific discovery). The drunk driver was three times the legal limit and he had about 14 drinks prior to the accident. Change to limo slide.

This story is another prime example about how alcohol can change someone’s life and/or yours. If you choose to drink and drive you can injury yourself or others. Each State has a legal limit and who knows the legal limit for Arkansas? See if anyone knows what it is. The legal limit for Arkansas is .08%. If you are over this number you are considered to be drunk and to be behind the wheel is illegal and a DWI. A DWI is Driving While Intoxicated and a DUI is Driving Under the Influence. They range from jail time to hefty fines. Change to alcohol slide. Being under the age of 21, and choosing to make the decision to drink and drive has more consequences. If you are in college or have a job or do anything that is important to you, all of things can be taken away really fast. Scholarships and not being able to finish your education can be taken away for drinking and driving.

It can also affect future jobs and affect your future. I know that I wouldn’t want that to happen and I know most of you don’t want that to happen either. So before you decide to drink and drive think about what you have and whether or not you want to lose it. So I feel like that most of you will probably think before you actually decide to do it. Ways that you can prevent yourself from hurting others or getting in trouble is by getting a DD. A DD is a designated driver, which this person will be the driver when you are not able to drive, however choose wisely when picking a driver to make sure they don’t drink also. Another way is call a taxi or Uber, they can help you get home safely or anywhere you need to go.Another one is you call the SAU police and they will come pick you up, and take you where you need to go. Another one is just don’t do it.

If you were the person who killed an innocent soul and then have to have that burden on your shoulders for the rest of your life, or even worse having the police tell your parents that you were killed because you choose to drink and drive? I know that you don’t want to put yourself or others at risk so if you follow this ways and obey the laws. Even though, you decide not to do it, doesn’t mean that everyone else will, you just have to careful and be defensive. Some ways that different states and cities are trying to cut down the deaths and accidents is: some do Sobriety checkpoints, which is like making people stop and then checking out the people who are drunk. Change to info slide. So just decide to don’t drink and drive and then maybe everyone will be safer on the roads.

However, I am not saying that I’m against underage drinking or anything like that, I’m saying if you do drink be responsible and try not to be like others who choose to drink and drive and ruined their life and someone else’s. I know that you guys will make your own decisions and do what you want but I just hope you agree to not drink and drive. Change to pledge slide. You can hand over the keys or your life. Make the right choice.

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