Driving Under The Influence

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Driving under the influence has affected many people’s lives and families in many horrible ways. In this paper I am going to be talking about the problems of drinking and driving and it should concern people on the road. Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous situations you can put yourself in or anyone else on the road.

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Drinking under the influence isn’t just putting yourself in danger, it is also putting everyone else around you as well. Your passengers and the pedestrians outside of the vehicle are in dangerous just has much you are. According to the statistics by the article Eliminating Drunk Driving Creates Repressive Laws Over the past 10 years, one quarter of a million Americans have lost their lives in alcohol related automobile crashes.

There are many ways to prevent drunk driving, one way to reduce drunk driving is to raise the penalties for drunk driving offenses. All the terrify stories of people losing their lives or families will come to an end. The loss of innocent lives can be prevented, and the other alcohol criminal activities would be decreased because of the difference of the aggressive laws towards driving under the influence. Getting in a vehicle after consuming alcohol, affects the function of the brain and it is not an accident.

Driving under the influence is a lack of responsibility, anyone that consumes alcohol should take the responsibility for themselves and for the innocent people drivers on the road. It is time for laws and consequences for driving under the influence to become more strengthen for people can think twice before driving after drinking. The current laws are not strict enough which allows people too still drive under the influence.

In the article Sanction changes and drunk-driving injuries/deaths in Taiwan has the statistics that driving under the influence is one of the major causes traffic accidents in Taiwan. About 20% of deaths are due to alcohol crashes. The Authorities had increased the fine and jail penalties for three times in the years from 2006 to 2014. The statistics from this change had changed monthly drunk-driving to decrease 40% and the 80% for death drop for alcohol accidents. In this article, it shows that changes can be made to stop or decrease the amount of injuries or deaths that are caused by drunk driving. The statutory changes that were made in Taiwan had significantly seen a difference in injuries and deaths caused by drunk driving.

Driving under the influence has gotten to be a common event among the youthful individuals and college students. Driving under the influence generally happens after going to parties or when drinking on uncommon events. Most of the adolescent mishaps are related to liquor; liquor causes more than 60% of all high school car mischances. Underage adults who drink whereas driving put their lives at hazard whereas driving beneath the impact of liquor. The legal age for dinking should not be lowered, teens that are under 21 do not have the responsibility to get intoxicated and have the right to drive.

The statistics from the article Activities and Situations When Young Adults Drive Drunk in Rural Montana state that in 2012 young adults the age 21-34 killed from alcohol crashes was the highest 3 times over the nation average. Most Young adults go out to parties or to a friend’s house and drive home after they had a couple beers or completing drunk. This shows that there should be a way to prevent people to making this bad decision to drive after that acquired alcohol in their system causing to put others in harm and themselves.

Some of the best strategies for minimizing some of the negative effects of drunk driving are important. We must inform people about these effects and about the serious consequences of drinking while driving. Through education, many people realize the danger of drinking while driving. Alcohol is the most ads appearing on television to this day. It shows on the most viewing tv channels such as sports and radio stations. Alcohol consumption is leading to people death and it is coming from ads that all allowing people to drink more. The author sub-points in this article are showing the death rates that are coming from alcohol, nearly 88,000 people die from alcohol which is making it the forth preventable death in the united states.

The BAC percentages for someone that is 21 years old or older is 0.08% or higher that will count to be has a DUI. If you are younger than 21 years old 0.01% or higher is to be count towards a DUI. The statistics had shown that lower the BAC to 0.05% has reduce the frequency in fatal crashes. For the person that wants to drive after drinking, even after having one alcohol beverage it stills puts you impaired to being intoxicated.

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