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“Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock

Super Size Me is an extreme example of transformative consumer research looking at consumption issues in our country as well as the lack of ethics in the food industry. For 30 days Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonalds; 3 times a day, trying everything on the menu at least once. He walked about 5,000 steps […]

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Documentary Film ” Super Size Me”

Super Size Me” is a 2004 documentary film, directed by Morgan Spurlock. It was filmed to bring awareness to many wrong ways McDonald’s fast food and many other fast good corporations can greatly affect your health. The movie is basically the documented phases of Spurlock’s experiment, which is eating fast food every day for a […]

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Film “Supersize Me” by Morgan Spurlock

Supersize Me (Spurlock, 2004) is a documentary starring Morgan Spurlock, incidentally Spurlock directed this documentary as well. This documentary trails Spurlock as he endeavors to eat only McDonalds food for thirty days. Spurlock eats everything on McDonald’s menu at least once. He decided to do this experiment to prove the changes that can occur to […]

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