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Movie: “Do the Right Thing”

“Do the Right Thing” In America the African American community, the minority, can be viewed from a different point of view that allows Caucasians or any other majority to have many preconceived stereotypes that allow them to get a glimpse about what the community is about as a whole. These outlets such as the media, […]

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“Do the Right Thing” by Spike Lee

Spike Lee film makes the best choice focuses on the lives of racially assorted individuals and culture. I contend it manages and give wide models of stereotyping, prejudice, and police mercilessness which are everything that is going on in this day and age and in addition to the fact that it shows the inconveniences of […]

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Film “Do the Right Thing ” by Spike Lee

“Do The Right Thing,” set in 1989, is set to be one of the hottest summer days in Brooklyn, with controversy at a closed pizza shop with tensions and ethnic tragedy. Losing its influence: grief, ethnic tension and police continue to be the subject of concern – in New York City and elsewhere.. The story […]

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