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Movie: “Do the Right Thing”

Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing,” 1989, is a fascinating point of view at a few factors that played into the racial and ethnic connection among white and individuals of color during the 1980s. The story is revolved around one hot day, when the elements between the two identities bubbles over and spills into viciousness, […]

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“Do the Right Thing” by Spike Lee

Although the film, “Do the Right Thing” by Spike Lee takes place in the late 1980’s, the film reveals important themes, issues, and ideas associated with how African American culture was perceived by the other minority races in Brooklyn, New York. The concepts presented in Lee’s film are still prevalent within society today, and form […]

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Film “Do the Right Thing ” by Spike Lee

“Do The Right Thing,” set in 1989, is set to be one of the hottest summer days in Brooklyn, with controversy at a closed pizza shop with tensions and ethnic tragedy. Losing its influence: grief, ethnic tension and police continue to be the subject of concern – in New York City and elsewhere.. The story […]

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