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The Influence of Greek Mythology on my Life

When I was little my parents and teachers told me that the decisions you make in life impact the way your life plans out. They told me how the right attitude with these changes can affect you and others around you. The first thing that went through my head after that was; that’s absolutely garbage. […]

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One of the Titans the Daughter of Uranus and Gaia

My research paper is about the goddess Rhea, in my opinion, she is the most intriguing god there is. Rhea was one of the Titans, the daughter of Uranus and Gaea. She was the sister and wife of Cronus, also a Titan. She was responsible for the way things flow in the kingdom of Cronus […]

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Attacks on the Titans are a Figment of Hajime Isayama’s Imagination

The creator of “Attack on Titan” Hajime Isayama, was first inspired by his own personal experiences. He began his inspiration by having humanity build walls to block out enemies who would constantly attack. Being raised in a similar manner, Isayama felt isolated and had no idea what lies beyond the mountains (acting like his own […]

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Remember the Titans Analysis

Remember the Titans depicts the hardships and victories, both athletic and personal, of the Titans football team at the newly-integrated T.C. Williams high school in the American south. They learn to accept each other’s differences during a time of racial discrimination. The movie is set in 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia, a town where football holds […]

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Remember the Titans Leadership

An Analysis of the Dynamics of Remember the Titans An analysis was performed on the movie Remember the Titans, which was released in 2000. The analysis was completed in regard to understanding the dynamics of the story line and characters through the structure and human resource frames. Structural frames of this move included rationality, environment […]

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Walking the Line between Good and Evil 

“All our lives are a combination of what we are born into–over which we have no choice- and what we choose (Davis 2016 pg. 20).”In society today we are taught what’s is right and what is wrong from a young age. In our history we are shown and told who we should look up to […]

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Attack on Titan Storyline

It is set in a world where humanity is under the threat of titans, which are humanoid giant monsters who eat mankind for seemingly no reason. To overcome this threat, they built huge walls towering over the titans as a way of protection against them. The story focuses on Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin […]

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Remember the Titans Film Review

I have just recently seen the movie ‘Remember the Titans’ and I absolutely love it. I personally love football movies but this one just blows them all out of the water. It was an amazing true story in Virginia. In 1971 the local school board was forced to integrate an all black school with an […]

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Black and White Remember the Titans

In the movie Remember the Titans, written by Gregory Allen Howard, the audience is taken back to the 1970’s where racism was abundant in United States culture. At T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, football was a significant part of the town. But when their school board was forced to integrate an all […]

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