A Movie Analysis of 12 Angry Men, a Movie by Sidney Lumet

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This motion picture is among the very best that has ever before been made. I believe that the writer did an amazing task with the script which is mostly what carries the film. When this film is seen several times it just appears to get better. The many fine points that are within this film are like nothing else film has ever done. This is a film that is shot in white and also black. Ths is best because the movie is some what an excellent vs. wickedness, or black and white. Tiny aspects like these are so much enjoyable to see throughout the movie.

This movie is fired primarily in a jury area whom the jurors are to determine the fate of an 18-year old who is charged of killing his papa. Within the jury room the film depends upon the stars to make it the masterpiece that it is. The stars are Martin Balsam, E. G. Marshall, Jack Klugman, Jack Warden, and Ed Begley play sustaining duties as jurors as tension develops between Lee J. Cobb, as well as Henry Fonda, the only juror to vote a murder suspect not guilty on the court's very first vote. All the jurors on this all-male jury are different as well as each have best duties.

The performing is outstanding. The slightly developed eighteen-year-old immigrant on trial for his father's murder might not look even more like a sufferer of the system, as well as these jurors, on the hottest day of the year, are as well distressed to move on with their lives. When Fonda, self-deprecating and calm, wishes to examine the proof better, the nuisance of the rest of the jury becomes evident as the jurors make use of racist lines such as "These people threaten, wild," "They do not know what the reality is," "Slums are reproducing grounds for criminals, as well as "They are terrible by nature" are all declarations which disclose the "us vs. them" worry of immigrants that they have. It is these slurs that the primary personality uses versus them to show that they really need to stop as well as believe logicly about the truths in the case. The black and white movie is appropriate to issues of right as well as wrong, a murder trial, and also the execution. The camera job, focusing on the jurors' faces and also the mindsets they reveal, as well as tiny clues about the backgrounds of individual jurors produce a huge canvas of twelve angry men who will certainly decide whether the implicated will certainly pass away or live. Small "sub-scenes" within the jury room are one of the most interesting which give actors an opportunity to interact, and also Joseph Sweeney (Juror # 9), the senior juror first encouraged by Fonda's debates, is especially remarkable for his heat and his capacity to be ethical when a male needs his assistance.

I don't really recognize exactly how to discuss all of the best points of the movie in a couple of words, so I will just call several of my preferred lines.

  • Juror # 3 "He don't even speak good English" immigrant juror fixes him.
  • Juror # 3 "If you shout I will certainly kill you imply it" ..." Let me go I will kill him"
  • Juror # 3 "You could throw out all the other realities" ... "What about the various other truths?"
  • Juror # 3 concerning the witness: "HE testified in open court he banked on it" be sure about anything"
  • A juror supplies a throat lozenge and also juror # 8 approves it making close friends. "HE is old he angled
  • Juror # 8 pertains to the help of the single juror # 3 and reassures him while their coats represent their personalities by black and white.

I assume this is among the most effective flicks of perpetuity. With just dialog this is an exceptionally amazing film. Without any special impacts, it is genuinely outstanding as well as one of my preferred flicks of perpetuity. I can not explain exactly how the whole movie harmonizes completely throughout the movie. The many symbols, the camera angles, the humidity in the court room, the white and black color, the personalties of all the jurors, every little thing simply fits flawlessly to the movie. Once more- THIS MOVIE IS TRULY INCREDIBLE.

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