‘The Blind Side” a Film Based on a True Story

I just finished watching ‘The Blind Side” a film based on a true story. Basically the film is based on an African American high school boy named Michael Oher who is in the foster system and homeless and a family takes notice of his struggles and takes him into their home.

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“‘The Blind Side” a Film Based on a True Story”

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‘The Blind Side” is based on a true story about Michael Oher’s life. Michael is a young African American high school student who is homeless. His mom was a drug addict and his dad wasn’t even in the picture so therefore he was placed into the foster system. Michael goes between foster homes until one day he gets kicked out and is homeless. He ends up enrolling in a private Christian school where he is wanted on the football team by Coach Cotton. This private Christian school happens to be the same one that Leigh Anne Tuohy’s children go to and that is how Micheal gets connected to their family. One night when the mom and son (SJ) are driving home from school, they see Michael alongside the road and offer him a place to stay for the night. From then on Leigh Anne becomes Michael’s greatest advocate. Then Michael eventually is adopted by Leigh Anne and her family. When Michael graduated high school he chooses to play football for Ole Miss. And ultimately his family is happy for him.

I thought that all of the actresses and actors did a very good job in this movie. But the ones that stood out to me were Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Tuohy) and Quinton Aaron (Michael Oher) because of how convincing their roles were and how much love the mom put into helping Michael. It is important to fully understand the content of the film so that you are fully aware of the plot. The main characters were Michael Oher (Big Mike): Quinton Aaron, Leigh Anne Tuohy: Sandra Bullock, Sean Tuohy: Tim McGraw, SJ: Jae Head, Miss Sue: Kathy Bates, Coach Cotton: Ray McKinnon. The coach for the school fought for Michael and wanted him on his football team. But Michael’s academic grades were way too low and needed improvement so Leigh Anne hired a tutor named Miss Sue who becomes one of Michael’s greatest mentors.

I really enjoyed watching this movie because of the storyline and especially the ending. The entire film reminded me of unconditional love and how family is so important. No matter what your background is or where you come from as long as you have someone there to support you amazing things can happen. And we saw this firsthand within Michael’s story. I loved the fact the Leigh Anne fought for her family and didn’t let anyone judge her based on the decision her and her husband Sean made to bring Michael in as their own child. The only thing that I didn’t really like in the movie was how much pressure Michael was under when he had to choose which college he wanted to attend but in the end his family supported him no matter what.

After watching this film I learned that we need to be more aware of people around us and what their needs may be and how we can help them succeed throughout life. I think others will also benefit from watching this movie because of how big Leigh Anne’s heart is and how she just simply wanted to help. Even though I already knew this this movie solidified the fact that color doesn’t matter and a family is not purely based on color and blood. What matters is if you love each other and treat them with kindness.

Honestly, I think that everyone should watch this movie. It is very important for us to understand what people go through and offer a helping hand to those who may need us. I overall really enjoyed this movie in fact the ending was so touching I even cried. It’s just so neat to see how bonded their whole entire family is and the fact that it is a true story is even more touching. I think that anyone could watch this movie and agree with the fact that race doesn’t matter and family is what is stronger.

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