Blind Side Comprehension Check

Something that generations can learn from each other is the importance of love. Many different situations in the Blind Side shows examples of this. Sean Junior is a generation lower than Michael’s, and Sean and Leigh Anne are a generation higher than Michael’s. Both generations give Michael love and a family to be with. ”A year ago he didn’t have a bed to sleep in and wouldn’t look you in the eye,’ said Sean. ?Now he’s got a car, money in his pocket, and everyone knows who he is.'” Leigh Anne and Sean helped make Michael more self-confident and open to everyone else. He went from a ‘nobody” to ‘popular” with the help of his new rich family.

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“Blind Side Comprehension Check”

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The love that Leigh Anne gave Michael was different from the love Sean did. Leigh Anne loved Michael and showed it by buying clothes for him, taking him to get his drivers license, buying him a bed, and helping him calm down in stressful or scary situations. ‘She grabbed his cheeks in her hands and said, Michael, listen to me, this could happen to anybody.'” Sean, on the other hand, cared for Michael through sports, and sometimes school. He helped him with football, basketball, and he helped him with the Charge of the Light Brigade poem. He also cared for Michael at the very beginning when he offered to buy lunch for Michael, way before the Tuohy’s took him in. ‘He asked if he needed money for lunch, and Mike said, I don’t need any money.'” Sean Junior also shows that he loves Michael by hanging out with him, playing video games with him, jamming out to songs with him, and playing basketball with him. ‘Leigh Anne listened to the doctors discuss how bizarrely lucky Sean Junior had been in his collision with the airbag.

Then she went back home and relayed the conversation to Michael, who held out his arm. An ugly burn mark ran right down the fearsome length of it. I stopped it,’ he said.” This action shows that Michael and Sean Junior look out for each other and have created a strong relationship with each other throughout the short amount of time they have known each other. They also fear the idea that Michael will have to go to college and that he will be non-accessible because of his schoolwork, tutoring, and football. ‘Then came the question: if Michael Oher agreed to play football for Ole Miss, what level of access would be granted to his little brother? ?How about we get you an all-access pass?’ said the Ole Miss recruiter. ?That’d be good.'” The two don’t like the idea of being separated, so each coach that tried to take Michael away with them somehow got Sean Junior to agree and tag along with Michael at his college. Even though Collins is the same age as Michael, they love each other and can learn from each other, too. ”Mom, you have to come home,’ Collins shouted into the phone. ?There’s been an accident.'” Collins called her mother right away to make sure Michael and Sean Junior was okay after the car crash, which shows that there is love throughout the whole family. In real life, one of the best things you can have is love, which is showed throughout this book, like when Michael wasn’t loved as much and didn’t feel comfortable around anyone. But once the Tuohy’s took him in and loved him like a real family, he became more confident in himself, and felt like he belonged somewhere.

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