Implementation of Activities – Subway New Zealand

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“Implementation of Activities – Subway New Zealand”

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  1. Describe the organisation

Subway restaurant is world’s largest franchise organization running more than 39,000 franchised outlets all over the world. In New Zealand subway have more than 200 franchised outlets. I am working in subway store located at Clendon which is in South Auckland, New Zealand. My role in store is senior sandwich artist (Team member). I am working 4 days in a week. a.) The planned activities you will implement. I will implement different strategies to improve my performance as well as the sales of store. For example: – I implement strategies like “up – selling”, “targeting particular groups of people”, “Quality of service”, “customer benefit first” and many more. I will discuss each of the above strategies below in detail respectively: Up – selling: Subway has too many things to upsell like extra cheese, bacon, avocado and extra meat in their products list. Many of other staffs at our store do not ask to every customer for extra which is the weak point which i want to overcome, as it will improve the sale figures and also the profit. As it is the important factor to be concentrated, i want to implement the strategy of focusing on particular customer to sell them with upgrading the same product. For example: In Clendon area, where our store is located, mostly island people and industry worker are living and they like to eat more meat or bacon. So i want to start asking customers about if they want to add some extra meat or bacon to their product and explain them about the low price to upgrade so that they will regularly buy it. Female customers and other most of the diet conscious customers prefer to buy chicken teriyaki and chicken strip as both of these products contains low fat. So i also want to apply new strategy to ask female and diet conscious customers if they want to buy both of these products with their regular product. . It will help to improve the sales of our store and also gain more profit than now. Quality of service: Quality of service is very important to any small or large business. If our service is good, customers will prefer to buy from our store which is good sign for a business. And so i always concentrate on the quality of products and service with customers. Most of the times i am working alone during low rush of customers. I always try to interact with customers as most of the customers coming to our store are regular and locals and so i have made good relation with them by talking with them when they comes to our store and they also like to talk with me. I talk with them about their whole day activities. Also i used to wash my hands regularly before serving to customers and this quality is appreciated by most of our customers. Also as i discussed that most of the customers are regular and locals, i know about their choice and so when i saw them coming to our store i used to start making their order so that they don’t have to wait for a long time till their order is prepared. This quality is also appreciated by our customers. I always try to create friendly atmosphere at our store. I am rewarded with many awards that are surveyed online by interacting to our customers about the service at our store. Customers’ benefit: Subway regularly puts promotion on some of its product for some interval of time. The promotions are done by franchise owner. Sometimes our store manager also puts some promotion particularly for our store. The product on promotion is cheaper than its normal price. For example: sometimes promotion is like you can buy foot long in just 6 $’s during 11 am – 1 pm. Whereas if you will buy the same product “foot long” after 1pm the price of it will be 9 $’s. So people will prefer to buy foot long during the promotion time. Customer rush will be more during the promotion time which will increase the sale of our store increasing the profit. Also i recommend to customers who are not aware of this promotion which is benefit to them and so they likes our service. The agreement with those concerned was the way in which the implementation will be carried out, and the resources to do so:- I implement my strategic plans in front of my manager and he is very happy for my strategic plan for store by which we improve our store performance. One of our regular factory worker came and I serve him and I offer him promotion foot long as well extra meat and bacon and he bought it I also offer to him buy 2 cookies and drink combo as he was dine it in store he bought it. In present of my manger I increase upsell by 30% then regular shift upsell by which my manager impress from me. In quality of service, I create friendly atmosphere by talking with customers. Establish a system to monitor the effectiveness of strategic plan implementation and issues for the system to following areas: – To implement a strategic plan we ensure that it is effective in store like upselling increase by 30% in whole day, we get more positive customer online feedback, customers are happy to come at our store. Some other ways to monitor strategic plans are like: Achievement of goals As per my goal to increase upselling and provide great service, I implement some strategic plan in last week and got positive feedback from customer personally. For example I offer extra meat and bacon for factory workers as well as to island people and avocado for female and diet conscious customers that like to have it which shows that my strategic plan is working well. Achievement of outcomes In last week I implement this strategy and as per my manager view, store sale increased up selling by 30% and getting 80% positive feedback on customer experience to visit store and 100% in friendly atmosphere and cleanliness of store. Use of resources I always put extra meat, bacon and salads in front area freeze by which if any of them finish it will help to change the empty box from sandwich unit. I recommended to my manager to change EFTPOS machine and POI system by which we can make fast transaction which helps to save time to serve other customer. Risk management In any food industry we need to have knowledge about health and safety and food hygiene. In my work place, I always concentrate on these by which a risk can be handled. I always check expire date of every product of store and if I found any, immediately I change it and put a note for manager. Also if any customer make dirty floor by drink, I need to clean it and put WET FLOOR board. 4. Resources those were deployed and optimized to achieve the goals. Resources are deployed and optimised to achieve full implementation of agreed plans. We need too many resources to implement my strategic plan like we need enough stock to serve customer and for that I have already discussed with my manager. We need fast working EFTOS machine, improving quality of food, fast and easy to find POI system. In quality of service, we need to talk with every customers and serving fresh food to get positive feedback. Handle politely to customers’ complain. I have discussed with other staff members about my strategic plans and recommend them to implement while they are working. Outcome: 2 Monitored a strategic plan according to established system I discussed strategic plan with my store manager and then we were in the store to implement the plan. We discussed it with staff as well. My manager asks staff to follow all steps and talk to customer to create friendly environment. Then we observed that staff missing 100% adds on and up selling which is very important for our strategic plan and also for company. And some customers don’t like to buy more then what they want to. Renegotiate, if necessary and agree to the milestones and key indicators according to organizational requirements. I discuss with my manager and he suggest me to more concentrate on qualitative customer service rather than other work like back area cleaning and preparing food for next day and other daily task. In the busy time like lunch time and dinner time every staff need to focus on front area service and cleaning as we need to improve store performance in customer service. We need to concentrate on add on and up selling as well to increase store sales by 33% as per the monthly projection. And for that my strategies worked as I achieved 100% target of store manager for upselling. Identify any needs for variations to the plan and recommendations for change made according to organizational requirement. I implement my strategic plan in my workplace under the observation of manger and he is impressed from my strategy. I got positive review from customers by 100%. Also we achieve our daily basis target for upselling. As per the customer review we need to change EFTPOS machine as it is not fast as per our requirement, which is also changed later by store management and so that is also the plus point to achieve our goal. Evaluate the consistency and congruency of organizational performance with the organization’s strategic plan. Grating to customer and talk with them and recommend them to choose correct product was greatly appreciated by our customers, as per the customer survey review done by manger. Every customer who enters in store, they expect good quality food as well as good service which make them happy about their lunch or dinner. If they feel friendly environment, they will love to come again and again. I served one factory worker and I offered him extra meat and bacon and I also offered him $2.90 combo of two cookies and drink which is on promotion which he liked very much and he also appreciated me for that personally. I also offered avocado on chicken teriyaki to one lady and I also offered Swiss cheese which has a lower fat than other cheese which she liked very much as she was on diet and so she had given 100% positive feedback in customer survey. We are recently promoting $5 combo deal of half sandwich and small drink but as it is not enough for industrial worker and island people in their lunch/dinner, instead of it I offer them foot long in $8 by upgrading it to $3 on six inch which is cheaper to them. Also I offer them to take extra bacon and make deal for round figure of 10$. By applying all of the above strategies it shows that my strategic plan works very well and it is helping to improve store performance in upselling and add on.  

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