Do College Athletes Deserve Pay

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People tend to believe that college sports are just activities that provide athletes with recognition leading up to a higher and greater sports organization like the NBA, NFL, and so on. Many people do not see college sports as a job and therefore the participants should not be paid salaries or wages of any kind for what they do. College sports has surpassed what many believed it would or could become. College sports has gained media attention, fans all over the nation and even created job opportunities for many. College athletes need financial rewards for their hard work and dedication to provide motivation to perform on their best performances always, athletes also deserve to earn wages because their colleges benefit financially from their athletic performances.

College athletes can be motivated to play at their best performances through financial benefits. For a massive, multimillion-dollar organization like the NCAA, financial benefits can easily be provided. This could in turn create more interest in participating in college sports among students and parents worldwide. With help through finances, athletes gain assurance of zero to nothing financial struggles during their stay in college. According to Junior Scholastic writer, College athletes are just like all other hardworking Americans they should receive a fair dayr's pay for a fair dayr's work (Zissou). Many athletes have decided to spend most of their time in an activity that has proven to be unproductive, so why deprive athletes of a fair dayr's toil? Many athletes need as little money as possible and working without pay can make an athlete lose interest, perform badly and finally quit which could be a wonderful talent lost due to the stingy attitude of the organization. How unlawful would it be to lend a penny to an athlete in need? How hardhearted can an organization be to see a talented worker taken out of college because of funds an organization can provide for easily? A college organization needs to motivate their athletes by showing concern for their welfare in college. A newspaper editor stated that, student athletes are often unable to work part time jobs, because in addition to training and playing games, they are fulltime students who must earn passing grades to stay in school.

A small salary for student athletes would help them live comfortably (Birkenes). In modern day colleges, all students face a common issue of time management. They find it necessary to manage the free time they have for academics, sports, part time jobs, and their social lives. College sports knockout one of the activities, which is part time jobs, but the students still need a source of income. Athletes who spend most of their time on sports need to rely on their hard work to guarantee a comfortable stay in college. By providing steady salaries and wages to the students, there would be a high increase in athleter's performance during games. In addition, college athletes deserve to profit from the multimillion dollars they have worked hard to generate for their college and sport organization.

Athletes in college deserve a percentage of the money they have worked so hard to obtain. The college sports industry has grown quite large in a period of years it has become a multimillion-entertainment industry for varieties of sports. College sports provide athletes with recognition all around the country and a chance at employment into a much larger organization but college sport organizations have failed to provide athletes with enough motivational power to work harder. Senior editor Krikor Meshefejian commented, According to an article in the Harvard Journal on Legislation, ?[I]n the past twelve years, the amount of money generated by these two sports [college basketball and football] has increased nearly 300% such that they now fund almost all other sports programs. Yet college athletes of all these sports do not earn a dime from the profits. It is unfair and unlawful for an institution to obtain major profits and give nothing but a ?good job to its athletes. College sports organizations like the NCAA, has grown to become a massive entertainment industry and a workplace for its working athletes. As a worker, working tireless hours a day and after the days of toil and sweat, find out your basic right has been walked on? What form of motivation does a worker have to remain in the unjust workplace? Why does the NCAA refuse to lend a dime out to millions to protect the rights of its workers? The NCAA as a business or corporation, preserve the rights of its athletes and provide accurate and efficient wages to its mistreated workers. A writer commented, My argument is that colleges should free athletes from the artificial rules that imprison them so they can enter the marketplace and earn some of the rewards (Byers).

Colleges should allow the growing men and women have a marketplace experience or feel to prepare them for decisions they are sure to face in the future. Salaries for athletes could also be a real life learning experience for the growing an underdeveloped upcoming youth and a welcoming into the society they live in. Salaries could also play a huge role in helping athletes realize the struggles in obtaining money in their society. Wages could also be a seed sown into the future bank accounts of the athletes after his or her time in college. In addition, a clearly noted fact about college sports is the inability of every athlete around the country to fulfill their dream of playing for a larger organization. College organizations should encourage their athletes to acquire other life skills in case they do not make it. Athletes need to be enlightened on the unfortunate but true realities of the tightness of their chances to compete in a larger organization.

In fact, Less than 2 percent of them will end up playing sports professionally, so they need to learn other skills (Gupta). Very small amounts of these ?rising stars actually rise and this could be worse in a different situation. Most college athletes gained admission into colleges due to sport scholarships acquired in high school and therefore tend to lose interest or doubt ability to succeed in other fields other than the sports they play. Athletes need daily motivation to acquire other skills in their limited college stay in order to provide a good future for them if they fail selection. Given these few facts, an efficient salary can go a long way in the present and future success of a college athlete.

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