Weed Concerning to College Athletes

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The question of college athletes using marijuana in college has stirred up a great controversy in today's society. The topic is controversial because in some states the drug is legal, but it is still illegal at the federal level. It also is said to give athletes some benefits and non-benefits that can affect the athlete.

The main reason why college athletes aren't allowed to use marijuana is because even though weed is legal at the state level, it is not legal at a federal level. This means if the federal government wants to hold charges against a college for allowing their athletes to use marijuana, there can be serious consequences and ramification for that college. This scare and discourages a lot of colleges, athletic programs, from promoting use of the drug, because most colleges receive a substantial amount government funding, which would be in jeopardy, if they allowed marijuana use. There can be various consequences for marijuana use, such as a college athlete losing their scholarship or the chance to play college sports period. Using marijuana, as an athlete, is something you don't want to play with if you're dream is to (one day) make it into the big league.

Some people say marijuana should be allowed for college athletes because of the benefits. Some of the many benefit that marijuana can give an athlete is muscle relaxation, which can help athletes recover from workouts quicker allowing them to work out more often. Marijuana also can help an athlete gain weight if needed. Marijuana also can be used as a pain reliever/softener if an athlete was injured. It's also said to protect the brain from concussions and trauma. Meaning it can help football players sustain hits to the head more often. The drug also can help the student athletes cope with depression and anxieties to help them become focused in their studies and sports. Marijuana also can stop muscle spasms and cramps that occur during competition and working out. It is said that marijuana can also stop headaches caused from strenuous workouts. The drug can also help with responses allowing you to do things quicker and more efficient. It also allows an athlete to get better sleep which can improve energy and recovery of the body. Marijuana is said to improve vision and concentration allowing athletes to focused in on the game. It also allows athletes to forget previous traumatic experiences related to the activity such as hits, falls and injuries. Marijuana is also said to make people happier in which athletes will begin to have fun with the sport instead of being stressed about it.

It is a fact that marijuana doesn't have to be just smoked to gain some of the same benefits. Marijuana come in many different forms liquid and edibles that will give you the same effects without the pressure of causing harm to the lungs. Meaning that you don't get the disadvantages of the smoke such as the smell and the long-term effect on the lungs. These advantage alone can give an athlete an upper hand over others when it comes to competing and getting better at their sport.

Many argue that Marijuana should not be allowed for college athletes because of the non-benefits. Many people believe that the drug doesn't give an athlete the upper-hand but it takes away from the athlete ability by taking away their time and education readiness to be eligible to play, which give them a disadvantage at the start. They say things like the drug is addictive and can cause athletes to spend most of their time getting high. It's also said the that the drug can kill brain cells and make an athlete not as smart making them unable to pass classes to be eligible to play. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 9 percent of all user of marijuana will become dependent, whereas 17 percent of people who start using during their teens are more likely to be dependent on it. One study conducted by the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence in 2011, said that 42 percent of users who tried to quit experienced withdrawal symptoms, such as a loss of appetite and increased levels of irritation. The THC in the weed could mess with your balance if too much is consumed at once, can cause one to stumble and fall. Marijuana can also cause psychosis, if too much is consumed, causing people to hallucinations, to be delusional, and to their sense of personal identity. If too much THC is consumed it can also cause dizziness or lightheadedness. Also, the smoke in weed can make you develop a chronic cough or a respiratory illness, due to the weed smoke. The smoke in weed can lead to a medical condition called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis that can lead to nausea and vomiting. These disadvantages can harm an athlete and cause them to their skills in their sport.

The question of college athletes using marijuana in college has stirred up a big controversy in today's times. Its controversies include both state and federal legal oppositions, as well as the many pros and cons on the effect that marijuana has on an athlete. Overall, both arguments give great examples on, whether or whether not, marijuana should be used by college athletes. However, the big question remains, should or shouldnt college athlete use marijuana? The verdict is still out!

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