The Effects of Exercise on Hydration Status of College Athletes

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With human body mass being made up of about 60% water, proper hydration with exercise is essential (6). According to Mayo Clinic, fluid replenishment before, during, and after exercise is necessary for accurate body performance (6). Pervious research has shown that dehydration of 2% to 3% body mass loss or more is connected with impaired exercise performance and other crucial body functions (4). Dehydration becomes a concern for athletes that are not replenishing water intake when participating in sport specific exercise resulting in excessive sweat loss (6). In addition to impaired exercise performance, an athlete suffering dehydration could experience several symptoms including extreme thirst, dark urine color, fatigue, impaired cognition, difficulty regulating body temperature, and abnormal cardiovascular function (1-8).

Hydration status can be determined by analyzing plasma osmolality, urine osmolality, body mass loss, or urine specific gravity (1,2,3,4,5,9). Plasma osmolality is the gold standard for measuring hydration status (2,4). It is measure of concentration of electrolytes and water in the body (2,4,9). Urine osmolality is a less invasive technique for measuring urine concentration of electrolytes and urea (2,9). Urine specific gravity is the measurement of particle density of the urine (9). Body mass loss is a measurement of percent decrease in total body weight, associated with water loss in the following sources (1-5).

With college athletes having extensive training schedules, itr's important to understand how to ensure proper hydration (1-5). Therefore, the purpose of this literature review is to determine the effects of exercise on hydration status in college athletes.


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