Will a Border Wall Stop Illegal Immigration?

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“The fence worked here. It may not work in New Mexico, I can only talk about my area. But [politicians should] defer to the Border Patrol experts” (Garcia, paragraph 2) Illegal immigration in the United States is a major problem and has been for the past few decades, but it is currently at an all-time high. America needs the border wall to stop the flow of illegals coming to America. Every day they are costing the government money and causing problems throughout the United States. My paper is discussing the question if a border wall would stop illegal immigration on the united states and Mexico border. So, what is the border wall? It’s a large concrete and steel barrier that would stretch from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The border wall is projected to be 35-45 feet in height and is supposed to be impassible.

The top of the wall will be curved making it difficult to throw a hook or other materials over to latch. The border wall is projected to cost up to 25 billion dollars. Argument 1 In Yuma county Arizona, sheriff Leon Willmott has seen a huge change in the crime rate with the border wall being where he lives; he has seen a 91% decrease in crime. According to the border patrol, data shows that since 2005 total illegal immigration apprehensions have dropped from 138,438 to 12,847. Sheriff Wilmot states that the border wall worked in his area, he isn’t sure if it will work in other areas along the border though (Garcia, paragraph 2.).

One the strongest reasons a border wall should be considered is because we have illegal immigrants flowing in everyday and the government is doing nothing to stop it. Argument 2 The drug epidemic in the united states is also a huge problem and Mexico is feeding America’s drug addiction…Mexico supplies the U.S with heavy drugs like marijuana, heroin, meth, and cocaine; Mexico’s largest export is heroin , the country grows large amounts of poppy flowers which is the main ingredient in heroin; Mexico’s largest export, they also produce meth, which doesn’t cost much to produce but it sells for 10 times its price in the united states .

Cocaine isn’t really produced in Mexico, but it is still transported through Mexico from Columbia and is sold by the cartels. unfortunately, the border wall wouldn’t do much to stop this problem; although it might slow down a little bit, but the cartels still have ways to get drugs into the united states. For example, they use tunnels running under the border as they’re main transportation route; they also use vehicles and drive through border security checkpoints. The cartels still use the open borders to their advantage, using large caravans of migrants as human drug smugglers to get the narcotics across safely. Argument 3 Illegal immigrants are driving in the united states illegally. According to a recent article I read, (Gemma, paragraph 1) it states that 97 percent of the illegal immigrants who cross the border, do so across the 2,000-mile border between the united states and Mexico.

And according to the article only 20 percent are caught. The “New York times” reports that 4.5 million illegal aliens drive; without license or insurance and without the ability to read any of the English on road signs. If they cause a wreck, they are costing other Americans money because without insurance they can’t pay for it; and other American citizens ger stuck paying for it with their own taxes. Conclusion There is plenty of good reasons to build a border wall between the united states and Mexico; but with differences between the democrat and republicans parties not much is going to or will happen until someone decides on the crisis that we are facing on the southern border.

Republicans are in favor of the border wall while democrats are strongly against the construction and funding of the wall. Americas drug problem could also be affected by building a border wall; it would slow down the rate of drugs trafficked into America every year and would put a hurting on drug cartels and kingpins in both countries. I think in the future both parties will maybe come to some type of agreement on the border wall and that it will be built in the next few years. This would slow the rate of migrant caravans coming across the border illegally without visas or passports. Making it where the only way across is thru border security checkpoints.

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