Does the United States Need to Build a Wall on its Border?

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The United States and Mexico share nearly 2,000 miles which stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean and touches the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The United States spends billions of dollars and a great amount of manpower to secure the border. According to History Channel in 2016, approximately 11.6 million Mexican immigrants resided in the United States, and about half of them cross the border illegally. President Donald Trump made it his campaign promise to construct “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall” ( The massive border wall that is proposed by President Trump that spans the entire southern border is a very sensitive issue until now.

The cost to construct and maintain is immense; however, the USA must build the border wall for it significantly reduce illegal immigrants that lead to economic influxes and illegal activities. The first reason why The USA should build the wall is that because it decreases illegal immigrants who are passing the border. Congressional Democrats have made it clear that they are against President Trump’s rational request for $5 billion to expand fencing and start working on a wall on the southern border. Nor Trump or the Democrats flow the United Nations worldwide compacts on relocation and exiles, looking to the multi-day when global "standards" override the privilege of sovereign countries to deal with their very own outskirts. (

In Europe, there are more than 1 million refugees and scattered them through the mainland. Be that as it may, European authorities who opened their fringes to the migrants presently end up plagued by an extraordinary political backfire, serious security challenges, and boundless social and monetary turmoil. The number of such countless migration to the U.S. would be significantly destabilizing financially, socially and culturally. Providing food, shelter, clothing, schools, jobs, transportation, and infrastructure is going to be very challenging if there is a high number of illegal immigrants in the country. If the USA doesn’t build the border wall and control the illegal immigrants, the resulting disaster could make the griefs of Europe look insignificant.

The other reason why the US-Mexico border should be built is to decrease illegal activities like drug trafficking and crimes. As indicated by a 2017 report by the Drug Enforcement Agency's yearly National Threat Assessment, Mexican transnational criminal associations are the “Greatest criminal threat to the country” currently. some people living close to the border believe that a border wall would stop the movement of hard drugs into the U.S. “The decision to build the 664-mile barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border, although often presented as primarily in response to drug-related violence and terrorism, is largely due to these internal factors.” (

The country should be endangered from this kind of illegal acts by building this barrier. According to some researches, the number of traffickers caught at the USA borders has gradually increased. Mexico is the largest supplier of drugs like marijuana, cocaine also methamphetamine. Even though the government is working diligently to decrease drug trafficking, this illegal act is still taking place on the USA borders. ( Increasing border security has an outcome of a reduction of illegal drugs coming into the US from Mexico. Therefore, the wall should be built in order to decrease drug-related car accidents, firearms, crimes, and violence which are the leading cause of grievance and death of many Americans.

United States ally Israel uses a border wall to secure the border from illegal immigrants, terrorist and arms smuggler. Israel has manufactured various walls along its fringes with Egypt, Lebanon, Gaza Strip and West Bank, all as protections against fear-based oppression and illicit movement. In 2015, the five-hundred-mile fence between Israel and the West bank believe to be a factor that decrease terrorist attack in Israel by 90 percent (Politico). In additions, the fence that is constructed between Israel and Egypt decrease illegal immigration by 99 percent. If Israel is able to greatly reduce terrorist attack and illegal immigrant, why shouldn’t the United States implement the same technique?

Having a border wall will greatly reduce the manpower that require to monitor the border. Border wall in combination with high tech camera and drone will make it much easier for a border agent to monitor and stop illegal immigrant crossing the border. Moreover, it will significantly make it harder for a drug smuggler to smuggle drugs. Israel has shown that a security wall can be near 100 percent powerful in ceasing unlawful section by migrants, terrorists, and drug traffickers. The United States, with the advantage gained from Israel’s experience and with far greater resources, should have the ability to build security barrier and gain control of the borders.

In conclusion, several Americans might not see the value of border wall; however, in this age of international terrorism, drug trafficking failed states, and resulting illegal mass migration it would be irresponsible of the government not to build a border wall. Building a border wall with conjunction high tech surveillance it will dramatically reduce illegal immigrants as well as illegal activity.

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