Border Wall: Necessary or Allegation

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America has always dealt with a broken immigration laws and in 2019 it is not different. But a thirty-foot wall of any type of material is not going to fix this. The US and Mexican border has existed since do US fought and won the war against Mexico in 1848 (The Mexican-American War). In 1920 the congress creates the US border patrol to guard the country’s border, to prevent smugglers bringing alcohol that was then prohibited in the United States. While in 1986 President Ronald Reagan passes the Immigration Reform and Control Act IRCA to not just fix the borders but to gain control of the border. Reagan does not just penalize businesses for hiring illegal immigrants but also helps 2.7 million undocumented workers obtain legal status. Reagan also increases funding and personnel for border security making it harder for immigrants to cross the border without being detected.

It was not until 1990 that the border patrol put up their first border fence, a 14-mile-long and 10-foot-high steel structure close to San Diego California (Border Wall). While Bill Clinton is president, he arranges for more border patrol workers and installs fencing, he also equips the agents with fingerprint scanners to identify serial border crossers and known criminals. In 2006 Congress passes the Secure Fence Act which authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to build fencing over no less than 700 miles of the Southwest border where fencing is most practical and effected also they are to install additional physical barriers, roads, lighting, cameras, and sensors to gain operational control of the Southwest border.

From 2007 to 2015 the US government spends approximately $2.3 billion building and repairing 654 miles of fencing short the 700 miles mandated by the Secure Fence Act. While President Barack Obama was in office, he argues that the US government should improve border security while also design pathways to legal status for the millions of otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants who have put down roots in the United States (Border Wall).

Those who support that the United States should build a border wall claim that the wall is to maintain the control of who is coming in and what is coming in to this country. These supporters also say that with this wall it will stop the illegal crossing of illegal substances and those who smuggle people into our country. The article Border Wall: Should the United States Build a Wall Along the U.S.-Mexico Border? it says “a wall doesn’t close down the border...” but in a different article President Trump makes it seem otherwise stating “... because they think they have a glimmer of hope of coming through. With a wall, the don’t have that hope” (No Choice but to Build a Powerful Wall or Steel Barrier). The vision President Trump has for this border wall is steered by the racial bias because of how he speaks so lowly of those south of the border. President Trump believes that simply because other countries have border walls and people do not go into those countries means that they work.

But he fails to acknowledge the bad that those walls have brought to those countries, some of the people trying to escape for example North Korea are killed. In addition to the beliefs of President Trump, he makes it believe that only illegal immigrants murder and abuse the citizens of America, when there is more deaths and mass shooting from those that are citizens. Also President Trump has threaten to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), withdraw the Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and sperate the children from their parents who are attempting to cross illegally only for the fact that he does not have what he wants. In the article Border Wall: Should the United States Build a Wall Along the U.S.-Mexico Border?

Senator John Cornyn states “I don’t think we’re just going to be able to solve border security with a physical barrier because people can come under, around it and through it.” which he is correct there has to be more than just the wall because most of the illegal immigrants are already here, might have over stayed their visas or been here illegally for some time. The wall is not to just stop the immigrants coming in but also drugs but in most cases those drugs are smuggled in through port of entries. Not only is this wall ineffective but extremely costly, we are talking about $20 billion, that is four times more than what Trump has stated. If Mexico is not going to pay for this very expensive wall, where is the money going to be coming from.

If Trump does go through to declare a national emergency, which this is not, the money that is set aside that can be used for other more importing things, for example finding a cure for cancer, or building homes for the veterans, that he claims respects. It is going to be thrown to a scattered wall, because there is no way he can make a wall that is two thousand miles long, through desert, private properties, habitats for endangered animals or the Big Bend National Park

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