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Population Growth in Underdeveloped Countries

Abstract Population growth is an environmental issue that has significantly impacted our world, leading to higher demands for individuals to live comfortably. The demographic gap between developed and developing countries continues to broaden. According to research, developing countries consumed ninety percent of the population growth during the twentieth century.11 Overpopulation in underdeveloped countries is assessed […]

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Population Growth

All countries are dedicated to the improvement of the lives of the individuals living within it. Necessities such as sufficient food, good health, education, and amicable employment opportunities are goals people living in a governed country try to achieve. A hurdle that is hindering the success of these goals is the rate at which the […]

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Does Population Growth Lead to Hunger?

These two words are unfamiliar to most people that have never faced these circumstances. However, these issues affect more than 10 percent of the population of the world. The UN mentioned that the proportion of undernourished people worldwide increased from 10.6 percent in 2015 to 11.0 percent in 2016. Also, in 2017, 151 million children […]

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About Population Growth

Population growth is one of main concerns in the present day. The definition of population growth is rise in the number of people within particular country, state or region. Over the past years, the world population has been increasing moderately and each country has different reasons that had effect on their population growth. This essay […]

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The Growth of Human Population in the Last Years

Over the past 1,000 years the human population has been relatively stable, besides, the downward trend due to illness (black death) and in the recent few hundred years there has been an increase in population growth. The rate that populations grow is another factor that influences Earth’s resources. Earth experienced a period of its fastest […]

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Population Growth and Industrialization in the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico Watershed is important to the vitality of the U.S. natural and economic resources. The watershed has dominated and dominates most of the U.S. covering 31 of its 50 states, making the Gulf very important to the U.S. economy, watersheds from 33 of 48 contiguous states drain into the Gulf of Mexico […]

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Population Growth Problematic for States

To understand anything about the population, one must know what the term demography means and what it is. “Demography is the study of population change and characteristics.” Any population can change in matters of size and/or composition. Demographic measures are accounted for by three main components. The three components are birth, death, and migration. The […]

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Population Growth in Kenya and Education

KENYA is located on the Eastern Coast of Africa on the Equator. It shares border with Somalia and Indian Ocean to the East and Ethiopia to the North. It also shares boundary with Uganda to the west and Tanzania to the south. The coastline is about 550km long, faces the Indian Ocean. Based on the […]

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Turkey Population Growth in California

Wild turkeys did not inhabit California until they were brought over by humans in the 1900’s. In northern California, the subspecies of turkey, Rio Grande, took off and the population saw a dramatic increase over time. Recently, however, studies are minimal and outdated relating to modern day turkey populations. It is important to monitor the […]

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Population Growth and its Impact on Development

There is an ongoing debate on the relationship between demographic change and economic outcomes in Nigeria. Many scholars agree that higher birth rates have trapped households and individuals in a vicious cycle of poverty (Reading 2011). However, there is a lesser agreement on whether lowering birth rates in Nigeria will contribute to an increase in […]

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China Population and Economy Growth

Do you think that China benefits from purposely restricting the growth population? Should later, longer, fewer be a norm China should continue to follow? Later marriage, longer spacing between births, and fewer children. With evidence, I’ll explain why this policy isn’t the best to combat the growth in the population. The population rate of China […]

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Factor Affecting Economic Growth

The effect of population on economic growth, recent researcher by economist Allen Kelley and Robert Schmidt indicate that during the 1980 population growth on average acted as a break on economic growth as measured by the growth rate of per captain gross domestic product or GDP this is the standard measure of nation total output […]

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Using Contraceptives to Control the Population Growth

Contraceptive will have a big help to lessen the population growth, because it reduces the need for abortion by preventing unwanted pregnancies. There’s a lot of Filipinos who doesn’t agree in using contraceptives specially the catholic church because they believed that contraception have the ability to prevent to fertilized the egg, or to kill the […]

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Exponential Population Growth

Exponential population growth is a model that describes the expansion of a population in an ideal, unlimited environment (Simon, Reece & Dickey, 2012, pg. 408). Since the year 1650, the human population has been undergoing the longest exponential growth of any large animal in history counting (Roser & Ortiz-Ospina, 2013). In 1650, there were about […]

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Rate of Growth in Rural Population in Zambia

From the results it can be noted that the rural population growth rate is declining over the years. In Zambia infant mortality rate is declining and fertility rate too is declining over the years. Mortality declines before fertility due to better nutrition, and sanitation. Increased child survival means fewer births are needed to ensure the […]

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Growth of Escherichia Coli Population

Introduction: Population growth is inevitable as long as the birth rate of a population is higher than the mortality rate (Trzepacz, 13-2). There are two types of growth that are modeled, exponential and logistic. Exponential growth is when “members of a population double in size throughout each successive generation,” (Milam, 2) and is represented by […]

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Population Growth Rate in Germany

Germany, officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany located in the heart of Europe, is one of the 195 independent sovereign states in the world. In Europe, Germany is the seventh largest country based on area size but the second most populous, with a population of approximately 82.3 million people (Central Intelligence Agency, 2018). […]

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