Population Growth

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All countries are dedicated to the improvement of the lives of the individuals living within it. Necessities such as sufficient food, good health, education, and amicable employment opportunities are goals people living in a governed country try to achieve. A hurdle that is hindering the success of these goals is the rate at which the populace is increasing. In 2033 it is believed that there will be 12 billion people living on earth and by the year 2070 the population will increase to 25 billion, this is according to the book "The Growth of World Population: Analysis of the Problems and Recommendations for Research and Training". This unprecedented change to our present ecosystem could strain all efforts to better humankind. Also because countries are connected by globalization it is everyone's problem that none can escape from.

Ways to alleviate the problem is by supplementing newer methods of fertility laws and adding new programs of optional family planning worldwide. These directives have only been used by a few nations but it has caught the attention of the social, economic, and scientific communities of many countries who are aware of the need for decisive action and the need to attack the urgent issue. These groups should unite to destroy any current knowledge on family planning, population issues, and related biomedical matters due to it preventing us from progressing and it is in our best interest to enact programs in these fields after doing so. Moreover to minimize population growth you would need more than biomedical research to solve the problem. The is because of the use of family planning regulations could prove difficult in social and economic situations. Special attention should be placed on the wide and thorough research of the field to learn how to make family planning more effective in the societies that realize the need for it. The challenge to do this can hardly be exaggerated.

The relationship between population and the well-being of mankind have gone hand in hand, the problem world population growth can no longer go on unchecked. An increased understanding of the current development and techniques of regulating fertility can expand the free will of parents to determine the size of their household. Even in countries whose population growth is not an important matter can benefit from fertility regulations. This is because biomedical research does not only deal with the problems of human fertility but also information regarding sterilization such as the reparation of an embryo which has genetic disabilities, for preventing drugs from influencing the fetus during pregnancy, and for generally making the child and the person in labor have a smoother ride through birth. In order to attain these goals institutions in the U.S. either private or public have to make significant discoveries to uncover. Other than the quest for world peace no other problem is direr.

The human population since our birth has had a slow growth rate on earth. Scientists approximate that mankind evolved 130,000 to 160,000 years ago. Threats to our existence such as famine, disease, and climate variations made the life expectancy short and the mortality rate high in the pre-industrial society, This is why it took till 1804 for the human population to reach 1 billion. During the industrial era, the life expectancy of a person was short due to diseases like typhoid and cholera, which spread quickly in unsanitized areas found in early towns and factories. This all changed however in 1850-1950 where numerous health precautions and good hygiene improved the lifestyle of industrialized countries.

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