Clemon Tigers Men’s Basketball Team

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Clemson Basketball team is one of the ball game teams under the Department of Clemson Athletic Department. This is a men’s basketball team that belongs to Clemson University and mainly participates in the competition of NCAA league in Division 1. The team was first sponsored to engage in competition the season that occurred between the periods 1911-1912 where it did a good progress winning the Championship the year 1939 and hence subsequent better performance have been witnessed with the team competitions. The fans supporting any type of games in many times spend most of their time and money enjoying the flow of the game with them heart fully cheering in support of their team.

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“Clemon Tigers Men’s Basketball Team”

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Clemson Basketball team has a supporting and more responsible fan. The attraction of fans is much depended on the performance of the team both on and off the pitch.  The team has spent huge money to attract more fans to enable it to compete favorably in competitions. This has seen a lot of struggles emerge in the Clemson Basketball team to reap more profits as intended by the management. The home ground stadiums remain a competing tool that has seen more fans obtain tickets to cheerfully watch their team play. The newly opened Littlejohn Coliseum arena has large space carrying capacity that has provided adequate seats to comfortably support their team. This, however, has reduced the cost of operation within the team management with the much cash collected through purchasing of tickets. Managing to be a fan is much dependent on the money and time factors.

This has been an opportunity for Clemson Basketball team as most the neighboring fans spend dollars for this type of recreational facility (Leung, & Marion, (2000). They have possessed the qualities of a diehard fan accompanying the team in every competition. This, however, has acted as a conquering tool to other teams as winning the team has involved collectivist of team players and loyal fans. The team organizations have ensured the need for a better performance ground for fans by availing star players who are always on the forefront of scoring such Legend Robert who is also the current top scorer in the team. Many fans have enjoyed much watching this player perform in competitions as he always makes things happen the right way.

However, it’s of great importance to understand the fan segments that have existed in Clemson Basketball team. It signifies an overview of how the team through its management makes strategies for their best results. Some fans in Clemson Basketball team are team supporters through loyalty or loyalty segmentation. Their interaction with the team fraternity has been highly recommended. In most cases, some fans have engaged in team executive meetings to establish the strengths and weaknesses of the team to see it move forward to higher levels. Their provision of ideas to Clemens has led to thorough renovations within the team that has promoted motivation to both the team players and even other fans. They have remained loyal to the team during both times of loss and win and therefore enabled favorable competition on the market.

Players are also another fan segment that has made the accomplishment of the team mission easier. The Clemson team has over 25 fan players that have five the team full support during competitions. Every player knows what is required of him when entering the pitch. Their corporation as a team has enabled the team to win some important match competitions making the team shine on the market to outperform other teams. Some fans in Clemson Basketball team have supported the team just as friends to the team. The much love the fans have for the team has seen a large congregation of good wishes supports Clemson team. They have in many times been involved in a contribution that facilitates the team programs. Such far trips have been successful due to the support such fans have offered to the team. This has enabled the team to plan its future events in a more organized way that has made each program become successful.

Through the team efforts the proposed project of a new arena “Littlejohn Coliseum” was completed and now it has remained a pillar of motivation towards success to the team. I will hence give some suggestions towards this arena to ensure an efficient working environment. The management involved in the service running of the arena should be on a watch out to ensure the security of the arena (Blackman, Bradley, & Kriese, (2001). Hence a more organized team of experts will be necessary for the exercise. In terms of facilities, the arena should be equipped with enough gym facilities for better exercise. It will be better to fix an extra entrance to the arena to accommodate to ensure efficient movement of fans. The parking zones should consider the number of fans who might be willing to come over with their vehicles and therefore expansion will be necessary for this purpose.

On addition to this, it will be better to consider the alarming number of fans and expand the space of accommodation to see other segments of fans come which include, the voyeurs, socialites and hence the appreciators. Lowering the ticket price will be convenient for this matter. Clemson Basketball team can also utilize the new arena as a source of income in a number of ways. Better accommodation facilities such as the addition of hotels within the arena will promote business and hence attract more fans who can comfortably afford to buy food during competitions. With this in place, the Clemson team will be in good position to conquer its competitors and hence win the matches without much struggle. Outside the arena, the team can also fix adequate recreational facilities such as swimming pools where children who accompany their children can swim without drowning. This can give additional income to the team and hence fund most of its pending projects.

Brand equity is the value that a certain organization generates through the better decision made in developing a convenient “name” that further advertises the organization. The name developed is recognized and therefore earning some trust for the organization (Keller, (1993). Clemson team, in this case, can brand its name to be recognized by different categories of fans. The teams can provide some free tickets to the first one hundred diehard fans to encourage more to support the team. This will brand a good name for the team as fans will move around singing the name of the team. More will be encouraged through these promotions and hence become followers of the team. For this reason, the players who are rather fans in a way will put in more effort to bring success back at home. Every player will be out there to ensure other segments of fans are not embarrassed through hard work. Through the provision of the free team, T-shirts will attract a friend fan segment. Not only this type of fans will be motivated to come for the support of the team but also fans from other segments will be highly motivated to follow this route. To those loyal fans will also be motivated with the same promotional programs if implemented to sincerely support the team with their hearts out to ensure good performance of the team. Through these efforts to ensure equity in the team, the fans will be highly motivated with their team and hence speak the good name of their team outside there.

The Clemson team should be like the Oregon. Clemson Basketball team is a group of talented basketball players who through collectivist are seen to do well in the competition. Though they may have their defining culture, their brand should follow that of Oregon (Taaffe, Robinson, Snow, & Marcus, (1997). The Clemson team has been involved much in winning though not on frequent occasions hence through rebranding will enable the team acquires an identity. This will help the team engage in intensive competitions and hence building a good name. The team also requires new identity each time to show a form of transformation. Change is inevitable and hence if a team keeps on changing in terms of facilities and everything, it will pull up their performance. This will help improve the initial records put in place by Clemson Basketball team.

According to Clemson Basketball team pricing services, the following pricing strategies will be important to be used. The Premium pricing is one of them; the Clemson should set the costs of its services much higher that such competitor as, the North Carolina team, the Florida State team among others (McDougall, Covin, Robinson, & Herron, (1994). Through this pricing strategy, Clemson will gain a competitive advantage over other teams and hence improve performance. Penetration pricing strategy will also be a suitable tool to be adopted by the Clemson Basketball team. The team has different segments of fans who are usually supporters of the team. Products such as the tickets should be sold at a fairly lower price to make it affordable to fans and thus promote team-fan relationships.

Economy pricing is another type that Clemson team should put into considerations. Clemson Basketball team is one of the big teams in NCCA competitions and there through this type of pricing the team is able to attract consumers hence minimizing the cost of such services as marketing (Kraemer, et al. (1996). This strategy aims at making sales at a relatively lower price and hence the customers who are fans, in this case, purchase the commodity without any form of interference.

There are several marketing efforts that can help the Clemson team serve the team fraternity in a more efficient way. The Clemson team should practice networking within and outside the team. This could be done either online or rather offline in some instances. The effort will ensure good fan relationship with the team. The effort will ensure the fans are in touch with the team every time they want. It could be achieved through the team creating an online portal for the whole team. The team management should also make efforts of listening to the team fans. It will ensure the establishment of weaknesses in the team and look for the suitable solution. The Clemson team should also build a brand identity that will enable it to conquer the competitors favorably. The culture of winning will always attract many fans in the game and hence give much support to the team.

The most relevant controversial issues include practices such as the Clemson team being an advertisement media for other organizations. The team should only serve the need of the team and its fraternity and not enter into illegal business. Hence a set of rules and regulations should be formulated for the team operations. Some funds contributed towards benefiting the players are being grabbed by the University management. A transparent management should, in this case, be implemented to ensure efficient running of the team. It should be open and ready to listen to critiques for a better working environment. Improper benefits by star players within the Clemson team. The Clemson Basketball team should put forward the strategies to bridge this gap whereby the team should ensure equality within the team. All players should be subjected to equal fair treatment to enhance proper competition to outside competitors.

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