Basketball Players Get Paid too Much

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Many people think that basketball players get paid too much but also many people think they don’t get paid enough. This could change your opinion on that simple topic if basketball players get paid too much or don’t get paid enough. Here’s what it’s going to be about, some people work harder than any basketball player does and don’t get paid anything, soldier’s fight for our lives and don’t get paid hardly anything. But some people believe that they’ve been working their whole lives for what they are at right now.

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“Basketball Players Get Paid too Much”

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They shouldn’t get paid that much we work harder and they do things that they love we do it and we don’t we do it for a living and to help pay for our kid’s school. They should not get paid that much a year. Why should teachers get paid less than pro athletes just because their teaching because all that pro athletes do is Bounce Around the ball or do swimming or just hit a baseball and run around so I don’t understand why pro athletes should get more money than teachers. Teachers work too hard for that stuff.

Many soldiers who go and fight for the country make around five hundred thousand to twenty millions dollars less than an athlete. And teachers who give us our brains and give us money in the long run get paid less. Many players also use their money for drugs or non-needed things. They have to play a sport to make that money when people with cancer and aids and the poor and every other thing out there that is killing people yet they can play a sport and get enough money to cure it when they don’t even have anything to spend that money on.

Just imagine how many people that is trying to become an elite athlete and how few that actually can become one! The competition and pressure is huge! Those who finally becomes an elite athlete must be extremely talented and must have (and still does) train many hours a day! But one of the reasons pro athletes make so much money is that we love to watch their games. Media companies pay the leagues and teams billions of dollars for the rights to show the games on television and other video devices.

So what’s your opinion about if basketball players should get paid more or less? I believe that they should be paid less because if it weren’t for all of us they wouldn’t be where they are today! We pretty much pay for them to get millions.

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