Basketball Tournament Brochure

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Basketball is a game loved by many teenagers especially those who are still in school. German town academy most students cherish basketball compared to any other game. Games are used for uniting people together in the society, most Non-Governmental Organizations when soliciting for money to support unlucky kids like ones suffering from cancer, they use basketball game in our school to bring people together.

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“Basketball Tournament Brochure”

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Its shattering to almost all parents who learn that their kids have medical complication, since the cost of treatment is very high and the chances of survival are very minimal. This why most NGOs and other support teams chip in to help in collection of enough cash for the treatment. This is achieved through games in Germany town academy. basketball is a scintillating game at our school and most student covet displaying splendid performance so as to earn public recognition. The adorable game earns its honor when nearly all students wear basketball jerseys. The fight of every team to win and every individual to display fantastic performance is what unites everyone and mostly the cancer kids, they get hope in life, since games reduces stress and pain in life. The unison cheering and support by everyone helps to forget some hurdles in life and precisely the fatal disease.

In conclusion, many organization uses different means of uniting people for the sole purpose of supporting each other in our school, basketball is used as a tool in our school of cherishing and helping affected victims of cancer through sports.


Playing basketball has some benefits in addition to being fun, it offers effective body exercise, it help students learn a variety of skills, students also learn through playing basketball and sundry.

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