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A. Did you know that drunk driving is one of the nation's most frequently committed crime? Almost a quarter of all California DUI arrests in 2013 took place in Los Angeles County. Resulting in 36,254 misdemeanors, 1,227 felonies and a total of 37,559 arrests due to DUI convictions. (MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving)B. Reason to listen: As college students, we all should be more aware of the dangers that come with this new lifestyle.

It affects us drivers and it is important to always think about how we are going to get home that night and or with whom.C. Speaker credibility: I have dealt with many friends and family who suffer from alcoholism before and understand how difficult it could be for someone to not drive after drinking. Alcoholism plays a huge part in driving while impaired and that's why I chose to research this topic more and try to find ways to prevent it.D. Preview: In this speech, I will be explaining the dangerous of driving while intoxicated and later list a few examples on how to avoid driving while impaired as well.

I will also be listing a very interesting idea I found to implement and help prevent drinking and driving in the future.Body:First main point: Heavy drinking affects your motor skills such as eye, hand and foot coordination. Excessive alcohol consumption can also heavily impact your vision. Without those necessary skills, you may be unable to avoid a dangerous situation while driving.1. Driving while impaired isn't only dangerous, but it also has severe consequences that come with it.

Driving under the influence is the most common criminal offense in the United States. DUI convictions have major consequences and some convictions can be there for multiple years.2. Short-term consequences of a DUI include, temporary driver's license suspension, fees and fines, high insurance premiums, and even jail time.3. Long-term consequences of a DUI can be much worse than a short term conviction, resulting in DUI convictions on your record even after you pay your fines and fulfill your legal obligations.Transition: Now that I have shared how drunk driving not only impact themselves but the whole community is impacted as well.

I will now list a few ways you can help prevent driving while impaired.B. Second main point: Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving, is totally preventable as stated by drunk driving activist, David J. Hanson.1. There are numerous ways to prevent alcohol impaired driving, a simple method such as making a plan beforehand and choose a non-drinking designated driver is recommended. In some cases it is recommended to also just spend a little money and taking a lyft, or uber home.2. An alcohol ignition interlock is a breath-test device connected to a vehicle's ignition.

The vehicle will not start unless the driver blows into the interlock and has a blood alcohol concentration below the legal limit. Ignition Locks are mainly used for repeated DUI offenders, but I believe ignition interlocks should be required for everyone with a record of DUI.3. By implementing drunk driving education in public schools, it could better prevent drunk driving in the future by educating students about the causes of driving impaired at a young age (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). School-based instructional programs are effective at teaching teens not to ride with drunk drivers. More evidence is needed to see if these programs can also reduce drunk driving and related crashes.Conclusion:A. Review: There is now little question that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is a major contributor to motor vehicle crashes and the casualties that result in it.B. Reason to remember: As college students, It is important to know about drunk driving and to be well informed of the consequences. Drunk driving not only affects the driver, but the community overall and it can and should be prevented.

C. Peroration/tie back to attention getter: In conclusion, drinking and driving is not right. It is not worth the consequences, and it is not fair for a drunk driver to risk the lives of innocent people.


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