Criminology: Correlation between Poverty and Crime

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The correlation between poverty and crime is something that appears to be obvious, though seldom clearly proven by the use of statistics. Organizations dealing with crime repeatedly emphasize the importance of job creation projects, measures in relation to unemployment, improvement of housing, which all is seen as a contributory factor to the growth of crime. Economic growth is considered as a prerequisite for improving the quality of life; not just any kind of growth, though. Politicians and social policy makers should support that economic growth which will contribute to the improvement of human development, reduction of poverty and inequality among people, (Petrovec, 2000).

Problems of the poor that may lead to crime include unemployment, income inequality, and quality of job; for corporate management, the pursuit of profit is responsible for crimes against consumers, employees, and environmental safety, (Danner, 1993). The majority of people view that anger, violence and crime are the direct outcome of the poverty caused by long-term unemployment. The solution to this, it was argued, was for the government to deal directly with unemployment somehow or provide more social welfare support. Several people took an approach that was overtly influenced by a left-wing political orientation in arguing that the sources of crime are structural and related to social inequalities. As a result, they argued, governments must focus more attention on providing support for dispossessed and alienated groups, (Lupton, 1999).

The potential of community development to contribute to crime prevention, particularly 'community' or 'street' crime and violence. These developments can help prevent crime and violence that is associated with dis-empowerment, poverty, inequality, exclusion, the learning of violence within families and communities, and lack of opportunity for children and young people to develop their potential. Implementing strategies most frequently associated with community development processes are citizen participation, networking, activism, lobbying and advocacy, community organization, local service development, social planning, popular education and consciousness raising, (Lane & Henry, 2004).

When there is someone who is living in a poverty area, they are limited to many opportunities that others may receive that are not experiencing poverty. Therefore, many out of desperation, necessity, or other means will resort to being involved in criminal matters to achieve their means. For instance, if a child needs clothes for school, a mother or any decent parent will do what they have to, in order to make sure their child is clothed for school. Unfortunately, many good people are faced with difficult decisions and spite their best efforts end up committing crimes out of need.

Even though many people work numerous jobs to survive and provide for their families, many still fall short of this achievement. There does not seem to be many places of employment to combat this issue, to which other jobs, simple do not pay enough. Therefore, community development and programs to aid in these matters can help provide additional assistance, which can prevent crime. Likewise, educational or technical programs can prepare juveniles for future endeavors as they grow and develop.

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