An Analysis of Pro Life (Abortion)

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Abortion is one of the most controversial issues discussed in today's society. Some people believe that abortion is a woman's right, and that it is acceptable. These people fall into the category of pro-choice. The other group of people that believe abortion is completely wrong are people that are in favor of pro-life. Abortion is the act of destroying an un-born fetus in a woman's womb. This issue has caused a great deal of turmoil in the world. Some protesters have even killed other people over this issue, which is ironic because killing human beings is exactly what those people are protesting.

It is wrong for a woman to get an abortion, with the exceptions in cases of incest, rape, and when the mother's life is in danger. It is wrong because women choose to have sex. They know the consequences of having sex could result in becoming pregnant. The women that have an abortion when they become pregnant, by their own choice, are using it as a method of birth control, which is wrong. Allowing a woman to have an abortion is immoral. The fact that a woman has a right to her own body is an idea that more women are starting to realize. Never has a state granted a citizen the right to have another person killed in order to solve a personal, social, or financial dilemmas.

Pro-choice advocates argue that having an abortion is safer that the actual childbirth itself. It is true that childbirth can sometimes cause damage to a woman's body. However, there is a great deal more problems and complications that can arise after a woman has an abortion. Doctors have reported that the occurrence of genital tract infection is a common complication. Infection of the womb and tube can cause the woman to have permanent damage. Another likely problem is the pelvic inflammatory disease. Even if treated promptly it is difficult to manage and can also lead to infertility. Bleeding can also easily become a dangerous factor, which result in 10% of woman having to receive a blood transfusion. There are several other problems that can show up due to having an abortion. The most severe of these problems, but less likely is death. After their abortions, many women have testified that they felt that they had made a mistake." Afterwards I felt so ashamed, I realized that for almost a year I couldn't bare to look another baby. I wanted to just curl up and die after that day. And I wish I had given more thought to my decision." (Mary Holstrom, 1995)

Another opposing argument is that woman has a right to her own body, and the government should not be able to control her. This is not only a good argument, but it is also very true. A woman, and any other human being should have complete control to their own bodies. However, having that control and right to ones body also comes with responsibilities and limits. A woman has the right to get pregnant, so she also feels she has the right to decide what to do with her pregnancy. If she was responsible enough to make the decision to have sex, then she should also be responsible enough to have the child. The problem is that, often, women are quick to defend their right to an abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. They tend to forget, or just overlook other possibilities, such as adoption. So, in reality, the government steps in to make laws and limitations on abortion when women abuse their privilege to the right over their own bodies.

People that are for pro-choice argue when it is that the unborn baby inside the mother's womb is actually alive. Pro-choice advocates tend to argue that life does not begin until the child is born, or sometime relatively close. This is a complicated argument, since the idea of life depends on ones religious, theological, and scientific views. However, from a scientific stand point, there is no room for argument. Life begins at conception, which will continue until birth. The definition of alive is, that a being is growing, developing, maturing, and replacing its own dying cells. At eighteen days the heart of the fetus begins pumping through a closed circulatory system. At forty days the brain starts to function, and in the sixteenth week motion is detected. Therefore if the unborn is developing with each passing day, he must have some life in him.

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