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Blood Donation and other Transmission Ways of COVID-19

Bead transmission happens when an individual is in close contact (inside 1 m) with somebody who has respiratory indications (for example hacking or sniffling,) and is consequently in danger of having his/her mucosae (mouth and nose) or conjunctiva (eyes) presented to conceivably infective respiratory drops (which are by and large viewed as > 5-10 ?m […]

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Ebola Research Term Paper

Ebola Research Term Paper Abstract On August 8th, 2014, the World Health Organization declared the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Stressing the need for international attention and collaboration to control the outbreak. At this moment, a total of 5,335 cases with 2,622 deaths have been […]

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Having the Ebola Virus Disease

My disease is the Ebola Virus Disease, also known as EVD for short. Ebola is a virus that is rare disease that affects mainly people and primates like monkeys, chimpanzees, etcetera.  The first case of Ebola was found in 1976 near the area of the Ebola River, or what is now known as the Democratic […]

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Research on Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus is a deadly virus with a 70% death rate discovered in the Ebola river basin the Ebola virus has 7 known variants (species Zaire ebolavirus) Sudan virus (species Sudan ebolavirus) Forest virus (species Tai Forest ebolavirus, formerly  d’Ivoire ebolavirus) Bundibugyo virus (species Bundibugyo ebolavirus) Reston virus (species Reston ebolavirus) Bombali virus (species […]

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How Ebola Virus Infects the Host Cells

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as the Ebola haemorrhagic fever is a virus transmitted to people from wild animals and is transmitted between humans, with the first outbreaks that occurred in remote villages in Central Africa near tropical rainforests (WHO, 2018). Ebola virus disease was epidemic in West Africa in 2014, and when the […]

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Ebola: Severe and Life Threatening Viral Disease

Ebola hemorrhagic fever, also known as Ebola, is one of the rarest and deadliest diseases.  The virus can affect people and non-human primates such as monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees.  The Ebola virus disease is a severe and life threatening viral disease. The virus comes from the virus family known as Filoviridae. There are five strains […]

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Spread of Ebola Virus

It had all started by the year of 2013, when a 18 month old boy was diagnosed with a disease called Ebola. Other cases within that year were five additional but as 2014 had come by Ebola has spread through three different capitals. Making the cases for this disease to grow enormously from there just […]

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Dangerous Sickness of Ebola

Ebola, otherwise called Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Ebola is a profoundly dangerous sickness that likely began with a solitary tainted individual. In the assembled states, we are not being contaminated anyway it is smarter to be set up for the more regrettable than to be found napping. Ebola was first found in 1976 in Nzara and […]

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West Africa and Horror of Ebola

Probably the deadliest infection throughout the entire existence of humanity is Ebola which impacts a many individuals on the Asian and African side. It is a dangerous infection which causes cut off consequences for the individual having Ebola which can likewise prompt dead. In any case, in USA the odds of having Ebola are incredibly […]

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Ebola Outbreak Crisis and Response

Introduction The first case of Ebola was reported in December of 2013 in Guinea. In August of the next year, the World Health Organization declared the Ebola outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. By the end of its outbreak, nearly 30,000 people had been infected with Ebola. The United Nations was forced to […]

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Ebola Virus and Government

The Ebola virus is one of the rarest and deadliest diseases found to man. It affects both humans and other animals such as primates including monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees. It has been found in ill or dead fruit bats, forest antelope and porcupines in the rainforest among other areas. It is a member of the […]

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Ebola: One of the Deadliest Diseases

One of the deadliest diseases in the history of mankind is Ebola which impacts a lot of people on the Asian and African side. It is a deadly virus which causes sever effects on the person having Ebola which can also lead to dead. However, in USA the chances of having Ebola are extremely rare […]

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An Influence of Ebola Virus

Ebola virus disease is a very deadly disease found in people and animals, it is also a very rare disease. This virus is mostly found n Africa, and can be transferred through contact with an infected animal or a person already infected with Ebola. This disease when discovered in 1976, became a very dangerous disease, […]

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A Problem of Ebola Virus

Ebola comes from the Filoviridae family that has an adverse sense of RNA. The illness affects both humans and primates by causing severe hemorrhagic fever thus having a mortality rate of approximately 90 % (Dessen et al., 2000). Up to today, no vaccines have proven to prevent or cure the Ebola virus. When the infection […]

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Danger of Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus (EBOV) emerged in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and had 318 reported cases (Burd, 2014). Particular strains and mutations of the Ebola virus are prominent in each of the outbreaks and are the reason for the continuing outbreaks. Three major mutations in the virus were prevalent in the population […]

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Ebola Virus and its Background

Abstract This paper explores the background, pathophysiology, assessment and interventions pertinent to the effective management and treatment of the Ebola virus. This virus was first seen in 1976, but the recent epidemic in 2014-2016 that affected numerous individuals throughout the globe has brought Ebola to the forefront. When the 2014-2016 epidemic arose, many were not […]

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How has Ebola Infected the United States

Abstract It’s extremely hazardous to your heath if your Local community health officials continue to maintain ignorance of disease outbreaks that occur in other parts of our globe. With the increased mobility of travel that exists today, diseases can spread from one continent to another in a matter of hours, the United States receives 200 […]

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Ebola: a Deadly Virus

Ebola. The natural and human history of a deadly virus is written by David Quammen. Quammen is an American science, nature and travel writer from Cincinnati, Ohio that has written many books on the topics of science and natural history. He is currently a contributing writer at National Geographic but has also contributed publications to […]

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Impact of Ebola on World’s History

The world is filled with many viruses, all in which have made an impacted on the world in many different ways. Ebola is one of those many diseases that has made an impact in our world. It has been the cause of many deaths and has made its mark in our history. The way the […]

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Can Ebola be Developed into Biological Weapon?

Would ebola be able to be formed into a natural weapon? This inquiry tends to the worries of many after the latest Ebola episodes in the previous few years. The Ebola episode could be the most dangerous of this decade. It has influenced numerous and still lives without a fix. The possibility of amassing this […]

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Ebola Disease in Africa

Provide a brief description of the chosen outbreak.         Ebola is a deadly disease that was first noticed in West Africa in Guinea. It was noticed in 28th December 2013 when a two year old kid died of vomiting, diarrhea and fever in the village of Meliandou in Gueckedou in southern Guinea which was later […]

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Frightening Disease of Ebola Virus

Abstract Over the years, the world has witnesses series of infectious disease outbreaks ranging from Tuberculosis and chickenpox to Influenza. However, the world came to a standstill when and infectious disease called Ebola resurrected in the continent of Africa and devasted over three countries and put the rest of the world into extreme fear and […]

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Rare and Deadly Disease of Ebola

EBOLA VIRUS INTRODUCTION:             There are many infectious disease that can lead to the death of people without knowing the cause of the occurrence of that disease. Among them Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is one which is very rare and deadly disease not only seen in human beings but also to the non- human beings […]

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Living under the Constant Threat of Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus is a highly contagious virus which was first discovered in 1976 in Democratic Republic of Congo that causes hemorrhagic, acute fever in humans. The virus causes acute fever and death within few days of infection; the signs and symptoms include acute fever, vomiting, diarrhea, muscular pain and coughing out blood to mention a […]

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Horror of Ebola in West Africa 2014

In this paper I am going to examine the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014. Looking back, the index case in West Africa’s Ebola epidemic proved to be an 18-month-old boy from Guinea. The child developed an illness with symptoms of fever, black stools, and emesis, and died two days later. The area he […]

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West Africa Ebola Outbreak and its Social Implications

West Africa Ebola Outbreak and its Social Implications         What would happen if there were outbreaks of Ebola all over the world within a short period? Would the response be the same as the events from the 2014 West Africa outbreak? Would the view of people, especially from the western world, on this disease with […]

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Ebola in West Africa

 In the year 1976, near the Democratic Republic of Congo, a rare and deadly disease was discovered by Dr. Piot. The virus fatal illness, which is caused by several strains of zoonotic virus. So how is it spread if the virus is zoonotic you might ask? Well zoonotic virus is most commonly found in primates […]

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Horror of Ebola Virus

A plague has spread throughout South and West Africa killing more than 11,300 humans. This is the largest epidemic ever recorded. This plague has caused psychological and psychosocial effects on survivors, carers, and contacts. It has caused dreadful symptoms among the contaminated, and it has lead to the unpleasant deaths of thousands of children and […]

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