A Proposal for the Improvement of Asthma Care Practices

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As documented by MEngr, Zhao& Winders (2017, pp.86), effective application of the National Asthma Council Australia 2015 and execution of the NSW Chest Pain Pathway will depend on a number of factors. It is important to increase the competencies of the attending physicians, nurses, and paramedics offering healthcare to asthmatic patients towards the breathing and chest pain management. It is also important to educate the concerned, including the family members, of the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack to improve diagnosis and management of this condition (“National Asthma Council Australia 2015 ").

Such awareness will help patients and family members to recognize the symptoms and seek medical treatment, early, since awareness has been proven to be the best control measure for any disease. The education will also entail first aid skills that are essential in preventing complications of asthma attack and its complications associated to breathing and chest pain management. Appropriate training will also equip the nurses and the asthmatic experts with skills to diagnose asthmatic conditions, control of chest pain even at primary assessment stage, with a clear knowledge of the appropriate treatment. Such training will also provide the medical facilities with a strategic approach to curb asthma (Woods et al., 2012, pp. 465-472).

Equipping the health centers with appropriate facilities is equally as important as administering the right treatment to asthmatic and chest pain patients. Such facilities can include the use of “e-health technologies to deliver information and services to those in rural areas "where access is problematic” (“National Asthma Strategy”). The facilities should also provide a wide range of medications to cover various forms of asthmas (Masoli et al., 2004, pp. 469-478). Any medical facilities who do not use an existing Chest Pain Pathway must implement the standard NSW Chest Pain Pathway together with the facilities which merge with this policy.

Finally, asthma and chest pain is a health threat that requires a professional approach. Acute nursing care is the savior of human beings from breathing complications and chest pain associated to asthma as a consequence of proper diagnosis and correct medication. However, this requires a professional and strategic approach, based more on control in the case of asthma attack-breathing complications) and proper diagnosis and treatment in the case of chest pain. A step by step medical approach should, therefore, be followed to ensure that the cause and scope of the two complications is determined. Public awareness is equally as essential in ensuring diagnosis and treatment of asthma at early stages before it results to breathing and chest pain complications. Acute nursing care for asthma attacks can also be addressed from two perspectives: breathing and pain management.

A strategic implementation of National Asthma Council Australia 2015 and execution of the NSW Chest Pain Pathway stands out as the best practices to curb these complications. However, the two concepts can be made effective by competent health personnel equipped with modern skills and facilities. As asthma and chest pain remains a health concern affecting over 26 million people across America, it is a social responsibility to improve the strategies to fight asthma and chest pain as a way of achieving a healthy nation.


Reddel, H. K., Bateman, E. D., Becker, A., Boulet, L. P., Cruz, A. A., Drazen, J. M., ... & Lemanske, R. F. (2015). A summary of the new GINA strategy: a roadmap to asthma control. European Respiratory Journal, 46(3), 622-639.

Woods, E. R., Bhaumik, U., Sommer, S. J., Ziniel, S. I., Kessler, A. J., Chan, E., & Queenin, L. M. (2012). Community asthma initiative: evaluation of a quality improvement program for comprehensive asthma care. Pediatrics, 129(3), 465-472.

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