Marketing: Cats Cafes

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  MARKETING: CATS CAFES So far, CATS Cafes is a popular and productive business that specialises in the distribution of sugar, chocolate, and tea both at wholesale and retail levels. The company’s effective leadership has been useful in helping the CATS Cafes attain its objective. The organisation leadership has also been useful in supporting the organisation’s current development. The business mission is to provide quality products to its customers. The business is equally involved in the promotion of fair trades that benefits producers. However, despite witnessing significant development, the business has been experiencing regrettable challenges in its market promotion plans. Therefore, the knowledge on the current academic theories will be essential in helping CATS Cafes advance its marketing programs. The available information states that since its establishment, the company has been witnessing sustainable growth. The organisation growth has led to job creation and establishment of essential programs that support environment sustainability. The business also has strong and reliable customer royalty. Furthermore, the business has been witnessing the growth on its production line. However, for a company to effective progress in the modern competitive market, the organisation managers should consider initiatives that would support relationship-marketing plans. In its new marketing plan, the organisation managers have the mandate of ensuring that community members and potential customers are adequately involved in the promotion of the organisation’s products and services. The involvement of customers in the business marketing plans will largely help CATS Cafes managers understand market needs and the trend in customers’ interests. In most instances, the knowledge on customers’ need and market trend help business entrepreneurs advance the quality of its products to meet the market ever-changing needs (Stephanie & Joanna 2004, p.289). Moreover, based on the current CATS Cafes popularity, the inclusion of effective marketing relationship initiative in its marketing and promotion plan will be essential in supporting the reduction of the business production cost, advancing personalised attentions, and increasing the production of unique goods and services So far, the CATS Cafes advertising initiative are ineffective and unproductive. As a result, the company is facing major challenges in promoting its products in the new and existing markets. The increase of competitors in local markets has also reduced the business profitability. Additionally, the accessible data indicates that CATS Cafes management team does not have the necessary skills and competence on advertisement. In addition, as Catherine observes, the cost of hiring external promotion agency is relatively high. Currently, the company use printed media and local radio in promoting its products. However, to progress in the modern market, CATS Cafes leaders need to make effective application of the knowledge on relationship marketing initiatives. Modern relationship marketing will assist CATS Cafes leaders appreciate the need to adopt effective initiative for retaining its customers (Estell 2002, p.41). Effective adoption and application of relationship-building relationship is also essential in creating reliable and sustainable competition strategies (Mitchell 2002, p.30). The creation of reliable competitive advantage will also be useful in helping a business reduce its promotion costs. In addition, the knowledge on the most reliable means of applying modern relationship marketing initiative will be critical in minimising the current ever-increasing promotion cost. The knowledge on the existing marketing theory will also be of the essence in helping CATS Cafes managers adopt effective plan for dealing with the modern ever-increasing market competition. Currently, Catherine and Jeff appear to have varying opinion on the most productive mean of progressing in the current market. In his argument, Jeff appears to be supporting consolidation initiative as the most reliable mean of being competitive in the modern market. On the contrary, Catherine prefers expanding the business production and distribution line. However, as indicated in critical marketing theory, knowledge is subjective and personal (Greenley, Hooley, & Saunders 2004, p.933). Therefore, both Catherine and Jeff have unique skills and competence on the most reliable mean of managing the business. Therefore, to address the looming differences between the CATS Cafes managers, the two leaders should agree on the most effective promotion strategy for helping the business to be productive in the modern market. However, the new plan should aim at helping the company attain its immediate and long-term marketing goals (Barry 2011, p.638). Currently, CATS Cafes is witnessing marketing expansion challenge due to its limited marketing programs. A good number of the existing marketing initiatives are relatively expensive and ineffective. The current CATS Cafes marketing initiatives have as well reduced the company’s competition advantages. Moreover, the high number of new entrants in the market appears to have undermined the organisation’s development opportunities. However, as indicated in the marketing management theory, abiding by the existing organisation culture is relatively useful in helping a business progress in modern intricate market. Therefore, despite numerous marketing challenges, CATS Cafes should develop initiatives that coincide with its organisation culture. In addition, the new initiatives should aim at helping the organisation create a mutual and productive relationship between the organisation and its customers. The knowledge on the existing theories will also assist in the creation of mechanisms to help in expanding the business outlets (Goulding 2004, p.294). The knowledge on the existing marketing theories and models will equally be useful in helping CATS Cafes adopt competitive promotion initiatives. The existing models such as relationship marketing will help CATS Cafes in establishing, enhancing and maintaining long-term relationships between the company and its customer. Relationship marketing is also beneficial in facilitating the creation of effective and mutual relationship between business leaders and other customers (Bolton, Ruth, Kannan, & Bramlett, & Matthew 2000, p.107). The creation of mutual relationship between CATS Cafes leaders and customers will be critical in helping the company meets its objective of expanding its customer base. Effective and mutual customer-business relationship will also assist in sharing critical information that will help the company compete effective in the modern market. Relationship marketing will also help CATS Cafes in identifying their customers, develop customers’ knowledge, define customer perception on the business products, and build reliable customer organisation relationship (Barlow 2000, p.3). The knowledge on the existing marketing theories and models will largely help CATS Cafes create effective and favourable strands in its marketing. For instance, effective application of marketing management theory and relationship marketing model will be useful in helping CATS Cafes have beneficial customer management plan (Berry 1995, p.237). Additionally, the knowledge and skills on relationship marketing will be essential in assisting CATS Cafes create affinity marketing and business-to-business marketing models. Scholars further reveal that skills and competence on the most effective mean of applying relationship-marketing initiatives will be of the essence in helping CATS Cafes adopt cost-effective legal relationship, strategic thinking plan, and productive sale management (Berry 1995, p.237) Subsequently, based on the existing research findings and empirical data, the knowledge on the existing theories and models will be useful in helping CATS Cafes deal with its current marketing challenges. Relationship marketing model will also be helpful in assisting the organisation integrate customers and other valuable stakeholders in the business promotion initiatives. The inclusion of stakeholders will be critical in increasing the number of the organisation loyal customers. Relationship marketing will also be useful in retaining business customers and increasing the number of royal customers. Therefore, to succeed in the modern market, CATS Cafes leaders have a collective responsibility of understanding and making effective utilisation of the existing theories and models List of references Barlow, R., 2000, “Frequency marketing—what’s next?” Direct Marketing, 62(9), 2–4. Barry A., 2011, “Marketing theory and critical phenomenology exploring the human side of management practice”, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 29, (7), 628-642 Berry, L., 1995, “Relationship marketing of services-growing interest, emerging perspectives”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 23(4), 236–245 Bolton, Ruth N., Kannan, P. K., & Bramlett, Matthew D., 2000, “Implications of Loyalty Program Membership and Service Experiences for Customer Retention and Value”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 28(1), 95–108 Estell, L., 2002, “Loyalty lessons” Incentive, 176(11), 38–41 Goulding, C., 2004, “Grounded theory, ethnography and phenomenology – a comparative analysis of three qualitative strategies for marketing research”, European Journal of Marketing, 39, (3), 294-308 Greenley, G., Hooley, G. and Saunders, J., 2004, “Management processes in marketing planning”, European Journal of Marketing, 38, (8),933-956 Mitchell, A., 2002, “Consumers fall by wayside as CRM focuses on costs” Marketing Week, 25(50), 30–31 Stephanie M. & Joanna P., 2004, “Relationship hindrance: why would consumers not want a relationship with a retailer?” Journal of Retailing, 80, (1), 289–303

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