Cats and Dogs Comparison

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Cats and dogs are the quintessential pets for the modern man. Despite the increasing variety of household pets, not one pet can challenge the classic role of cats and dogs as the ultimate animal companion. A pet owner can identify as either a cat person or a dog person?”an age-old question repeated to through time. When choosing a pet between a cat or a dog, we need to learn about their differences to make the most of our pet owner experience. Not knowing the key traits between cats and dogs such as their behavior and training can ruin the experience for both you and your pet, so it is essential to choose wisely.

Behavior: Independence vs. Sociability

When choosing an animal companion, observing their behavior is key. Cats by nature are independent creatures who prefer to roam around on their own solitary pace. They can be sociable if they want to, but unlike dogs, they have no trouble being left alone for long periods of time. Most cat species are nocturnal, so they spend their mornings sleeping and lazing around and their nights hunting and marking their territories. This might be a reason as to why they are stereotyped as distant and aloof.
On the other hand, dogs are a social species. Before they were domesticated by humans, they used to hunt and operate in packs and that habit of togetherness still imprinted in a modern-day dog’s behavior. Dogs are friendly, sociable and energetic in both work and play. The reason why dogs make such great animal workers is that they have a people-pleaser personality wherein they crave for their owner’s approval and leadership alongside the provisions they receive. The same cannot be easily concluded with cats.

Training: Feline Specialist vs. Canine Generalist

Cats are known to be harder to train than dogs because cats do not have a pack mentality wherein following someone is essential. Since cats are independent in nature, they have trouble following orders. Although cats can be trained, it will take a longer time for them to get the gist of tricks and commands than dogs do because their willful personality prevents them to practice repetitive activities with their owners. Despite dogs having an advantage in general training, cats are easier to specialize in potty training because they are exceedingly territorial. They spray their urine in territories they want to be marked as theirs and they usually do the same with the litter box provided for them instinctively.

Quite the opposite can be said about dogs. Dogs, especially puppies, are harder to potty train than cats. They need constant practice in order to know their boundaries and it can take repetitions for them to remember where they should or should not go. Despite being harder to potty train, dogs are more eager to learn other tricks and commands because of their pack mentality that has the tendency to look for and follow a leader. Contrary to cats’ independence from leadership, dogs tend to search for a sense of direction and any direction given to them by their owners in the form of a command are eagerly received and followed.

It is important to note that no cat and dog are alike. Despite the obvious differences in their behavioral attributes and biology, it is counter-intuitive to treat all cats the same because just like humans, cats and dogs have varying temperaments and diverse personalities but learning more on the generalities of both species can lead to an educated preference of which pet to take home.

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