Comparing Cats and Dogs

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Cats and dogs, two of the most cherished house pets. Both animals have been around for thousands of years and loved for most of them. They come from different yet similar ancient backgrounds and let us see how far they’ve changed since the wild. Cats and Dogs have been compared for years but no one has gone in depth in their history which is important when comparing. Dogs have been around for thousands of years and are descendants of the gray wolf. Archeologists have theorized that Central Asia may have been the 1st to domesticate dogs. Before full domestication, signs of relationships between man and wolves date back to 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. The domestication of wolves (now dogs) began when hunters would use wolves for hunting by keeping flocks together and warning against approaching enemies, in return, the hunter would make sure the wolves were fed. After wolves were domesticated, human dog interaction changed throughout the years. By this I mean although during the Middle Ages people saw dogs as status symbols, at another point in time people saw dogs as food and a delicacy.

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“Comparing Cats and Dogs”

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People then started to breed early dogs for size and color which is still happening today as more mixed breeds are becoming popular. Cats on the other hand have a slightly different history. Cats have been found to be most likely descendants of the middle eastern western cat. Unlike dogs, cats were domesticated much later than dogs as they were domesticated only around 4000 years ago. Cats were most likely first domesticated by egyptians as they were the first to keep cats to control pests and to hunt. Cats were so worshiped in ancient egypt that it was illegal to kill cats and the sentence was the death penalty. Cats were also worshiped as gods and mummified before burial which displays great respect for these animals.

Although cats and dogs come from different background they are similar in certain ways. Both cats and dogs can and have lived in the wild. Cats and dogs are very territorial and are born with that instinct. Both animals also have drastically changed over time. Both gray wolves and wildcats were bigger and looked a lot different than the furry friends we know today. Both animals also portray human animal connection. Both cats and dogs have evolved to depend on humans when it comes to an easy life which causes a strong connection and loyalty between owner and pet. Both animals have also benefited from human interaction since thousands of years ago. In return for aid in hunting, owners would give these animals food, shelter, praise etc. Things have changed though since back then, now we give these animals all these things without them needing to do anything. This has caused animals to depend on humans for most things. Humans haven’t always been good to these animals though as both animals have experienced discrimination with cats being believed to be associated with the devil to dogs being hunted and eaten rather than hunting. In conclusion, although both animals have gone through different things to become the pets we love today they still are equal. Both animals went from wild animals to small house pets.

Cats and dogs are a great example of the impact humans have on animals. After all this time we still don’t truly know whether the domestication of dogs and cats was for better or worse. Although this we do know that both humans and these pets have benefitted from each other in a coexisting relationship. These pets give us an insight on the genetic and behavioral evolution of animals and the cause and effect of human animal relationships. No matter the past of our pets we still cherish them in the present

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