Why Cats are Better than Dogs

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The debate about which makes the better pet, cats or dogs, has been brought to the attention of people worldwide, as it continues to baffle. Even though cat owners know that their felines are undeniably superior to the canine breed. There’s no contest when it comes to cats: Their incredibly playful and independent lifestyle are a pleasure to some animal lovers, many of whom wish they could spend their own days in the life of a cat, napping all day without a care in the world, rather than working their lives away, with the inevitability of stress coming from every direction. Even some dog lovers have admitted to desire for a cat, captivated by their easy care and excellent company. Why do cats make better pets than dogs? Here’s why: they are very affordable, self-sufficient, and require minimal work.

The cost of a cat varies depending on the breed and other factors, but typically owning a cat instead of a dog could save you hundreds of dollars a year. On average, dogs are bigger than cats, and are likely to instill higher food bills as a result. It’s a matter of fact that the average dog consumes more food than cats on the daily, including small to medium-sized dogs. Thus requiring you to have to buy food more frequently, and dropping unnecessary money. They also tend to need more toys, supplies, and services than cats, including crates, leashes, collars, and sometimes training classes. Veterinary expenses tend to run higher for dogs than for cats as well. As far as cat’s needs go, their toys are relatively cheap to buy, and could even be made at home using simple items found around the house. Because dogs have the urge to destroy their toys, they have to be made from much tougher, and expensive materials. The affordability of a cat is undeniably present, and is among one of the bigger factors to consider when thinking about acquiring one.

Another reason that cats best dogs is their self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s common knowledge that a cat is a frequent self-cleaner. You may want to groom them with a brush every once in a while and definitely clip their nails as needed, but otherwise, cats do a fine job of keeping themselves clean. Dogs, on the other hand, love stuff that smells bad, and rolling around in it. As a result, dogs would need routine bathing and grooming, which can get very expensive if they are taken to professional groomers. When it comes to using the bathroom, cats will use a litterbox, which is far easier than walks late at night, during hot summer days or through a brutal winter. You can gain the benefits of neat, clean, and completely covered waste when it comes to cats, as opposed to dogs who, unfortunately, need to be outdoors to do their business. In addition to their hygienic qualities, cats have no problem when it comes to entertaining themselves. Not only are cats much safer indoors, but they're perfectly happy sitting next to a window, or laying in a sunny spot anywhere in the house. Simply crack a window for some fresh air, and they’ll be totally content staring out into the world.

Being as self-sufficient as they are, they don’t require as much work. If you don’t want a pet who will be constantly begging for attention, cats are primarily known for that. Cats will usually ask for attention when they’re hungry, are in need of a cuddle, or require some other basic necessity, but compared to a dog, it’s nothing. Dogs, on the other hand, need a great deal of attention. Dog owners have to supervise their pets’ exercise, let them in and out of the house, keep them clean, and even watch their diets. Cats are a lot more independent. Although, they do need you to set out their food and clean the litter box. Other than food and litterbox maintenance, cats often keep to themselves and are less likely to demand constant attention. Researchers have found though cats form affectionate bonds with their owners, they don’t rely on humans to feel safe and secure. That means you don’t have to feel guilty if you’re stuck somewhere when it starts to rain. Dog owners that have pets who cling and cower during a thunderstorm, and will probably admit to wishing their dogs could become a little more adept at feeling safe and secure.

Both puppies and kittens require an incredible amount of time, energy, and attention. Between getting them comfortable in their new home, introducing them to their new diet, and starting some preliminary training, you may start to think that it might be too much for you. Puppies need ongoing training, but once kittens no longer need their mothers and have learned the basics of using the litter box and other essentials, they can be left at home unsupervised during the day. If you wanted to take extra precautions regarding their safety, put your cat in a room where they can't get into mischief while you're gone. It'll keep them in one safe space and, due to their smaller size, they won't be able to cause much damage from staying in this specific area.

Taking the dog on a quick walk a few times a day doesn’t sound that time-consuming, but many people with curious, lazy, or energetic dogs have found the exact opposite to be true. Cats don’t have to be walked, as many are happy to stay indoors, in which they would exercise on their own. Cat owners don’t have to drag their pets off the couch to make sure the animal gets enough exercise. Instead, they would use a laser pointer that really gets the cat moving. In fact, maybe that’s why few dogs get an adequate amount of exercise; their owners just don’t have the time or energy to run laps with them around the neighborhood, especially when the time isn’t always there.

Cats do make better pets than dogs. From their ease of care, to their cleanliness, to their wonderful company, there's plenty of proof that cats are, in fact, superior pets. Although there are many who would beg to differ, there is a countless amount of evidence which proves that having a cat as a pet is much easier, and undoubtedly better, than a dog. Dogs are messy, noisy, require nearly constant care, and are not nearly as cute as cats. The next time you consider what kind of pet to adopt, dog or cat, make the smarter decision of taking on a cat. Their bubbly personalities and easy management is sure to turn you toward the feline side.

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