Long & Short Term Goals and Introductory

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Quite often my dad would tell me to choose a career that by figuring out what I like and make a career out of it. Guided by this philosophy, I identified what I liked most and found that my heart is in business especially the insurance industry. Throughout my high school period, I was fascinated with the way insurance companies provided peace and harmony to many people, institutions, and business environments by safeguarding them from losses that would arise because of uncertainties. I found the Insurance Sector exciting because of it ever dynamic and growing because of new risks that have been associated with technological advancements.

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“Long & Short Term Goals and Introductory”

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I joined Seattle Pacific University to pursue Bachelor of Commerce (Finance Option), and all my business courses were the one I had looked forward to.  My projects were challenging but equally rewarding during the study period. Since enrolling college for my undergraduate degree, I gained diverse experience and knowledge in commercial and financial brokerage as well as well as financial consulting.

After graduating, I did several interviews and found several well-known financial firms willing to hire me for different enviable positions in Seattle. I settled for a financial consultant in Boone Wealth Advisors, LLC. For the period of two years that I worked in Boone Wealth Advisors, I developed a solid foundation in analytical problem-solving skills. Working in a group of five I understood extraordinary cooperation in the team is critical in achieving exceptional business performance. As a junior member of that team, I was able to contribute to the team in different ways such as gathering information from clients, accurately handling multiple requests for a short period, collecting, calculating and analyzing data and expanding the knowledge base which was a critical resource for the company. Being an excellent team player, it provided an expansive opportunity in consulting.

My experience in financial consulting has been invaluable in my present role as a marketing manager in at Parklands Insurance by helping me to provide technically scalable and commercially viable solutions for the company. Working together will Parklands Insurance leaders has enabled me to find out my unique leadership style.

Long and short term goals

My goals have evolved as I worked as I gained experience from diverse setting my immediate goal is to pursue my MBA from Questrom School of Business at Boston University. My short term goal after completing my MBA is to seek a senior level in a prestigious mortgage company such as JP Morgan Chase & Co. To achieve this, I need strong marketing and operational skills that MBA program will offer me. My highest aspiration is to be among those who advances the corporation. To work in cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to motivate marketing and finance experts throughout the company.

My in-depth knowledge of insurance products, the network and as well as the skills that I will acquire in the MBA program will enable me to realize my long-term goal of starting my financial advisory company and with time expand by the firm to accommodate insurance and actuarial consulting. My company will be focused on helping the financial organizations in predicting they should go next. I will help the companies make long-term financial forecasts and resolve risk issues and also help business organizations by advising them on the next steps to take. Enthusiasm and determination are the core parts of my character, which will propel me attain all the goals every moment I partake something new. My business venture will enable me to contribute to the society in the best way possible.

At first, I would focus on clients within the country and expand the client base to Africa and Asia where financial and insurance consultant is not solidly founded. I have a good understanding both Africa and Asian culture which gives me an extra credit in attaining competitive and advantage in the market. I need my MBA Questrom School of Business to manage and secure funding for my company after scaling it to other countries.

Businesses in the 21st century require managers to be well informed about global business. Unfortunately, my current position does not give me the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the globalized economy. The flexibility with Questrom School of Business will give a chance to concentrate on courses such as entrepreneurial finance. I confirmed my interests for Questrom School of Business through conversation with Mr. Gordon Wright (Class of ’05) who gave me a clear picture of the school and will perfectly accommodate my specific objectives. While at Boston am looking forward to joining Financial Modelling Club (BUFMC) which is designed to be a fun experience and team-oriented and most important sharpen my financial modeling expertise.

It’s clear to me now to see Boston’s MBA offer me an extra advantage and looking forward to leveraging all of them as it will enrich my education as well as develop a multidisciplinary approach giving me the best framework to fully realize my goals.

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