Tesla’s Long-term Objectives

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With the research and discussions that we were able to provide an overview project objective, scope of study, overview of data collected, project assumptions and constraints, definitions and acronyms.

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“Tesla’s Long-term Objectives”

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Overview of project objective and scope of study

The information that was gathered and presented in this business plan is to assist the company in implementing a strategic plan in the next three years. The plan includes recommendations for the following business functions: Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Productions and Operations, and Research and Development. The ultimate goals are to increase revenue, improve margins, and scale the business to a sustainable size.

The Tesla company specializes in electric car manufacturing and solar panel manufacturing. The company was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003. This company is based in Palo Alto, California. The plan includes a description of the company’s current business environment and a summary of each business functions. The external conditions are also discussed along with the Macro and Micro environments. The information that will be included in this analysis will include information on the vision, mission, financial ratios, current and potential customers, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, value chain analysis and SWOT analysis. With this analysis, the recommendations will be made for Tesla’s long-term objectives and three-year implementation plan.

Overview of data collected (type and sources)

  • Bloomberg.com – current analyses of business and strategy
  • Dun & Bradstreet – Automotive Industry information
  • Forbes – current analyses of the market and Organizational Culture
  • The Internal Revenue Service – tax and incentive law and history
  • The Securities and Exchange commission – current and proposed regulations affecting electric vehicle sales and production
  • Tesla Inc. – In-depth company information
  • The Wall Street Journal – day to day business information
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