How to Set Goals

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Leadership styles can affect the performance of each employee in an organization. An effective leader is the one that ensures that they use the desired manner for them to achieve the desired goals that have been set by the team. Different leadership styles will effectively affect the performance of the organization in one way or the other. Leaders are people that can adapt to different situations by using the necessary elements and solving the various problems that arise in an organization in a different perspective that will bring an impact to the performance of the team. As a leader, one is responsible for making sure that they maintain the communication with the other employees in the organization. This is because they will encourage the development of the team and this will be effective through innovation and motivate all the staff. There will be the generation of new ideas making the organization achieve all the set goals and objectives.

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“How to Set Goals”

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Leadership styles

The autocratic leader is the leader that always has total power over the entire subordinate whereby he carefully observes all the work that they do and is always strict and keeps in touch with them. The team members are not involved in the process of making decisions for only the leader is entitled to this particular role. The members are as well not in the position where they can suggest or make any suggestion about the improvement of any activity that is carried out in the organization. The employees are only told what to do, when to do it and how they do, and this is exactly what they should adhere to for they are the instructions given to them by their seniors. When they follow all these instructions, it is sure that they will achieve the goals that have been set for the organization. The new ideas that have been implemented will all be executed if they follow the instructions given. This style of leadership is instrumental since all the decision that is made is swift and jobs are efficiently delivered. This particular approach is resistance and unstable when it comes to the side of the employees. This is commonly used when the decisions to be made are needed urgently.

Secondly, there is the transactional leadership style. This is the leadership style that focuses more on trades that are conducted between the leader and the follower. For this particular case, the member is compensated for the specific goal or the performance that they meet or the performance criteria. The transactional leader has the responsibility of validating the relationship between the performance and the reward that is to be given and then they can go about with the exchange so that to get the response that will encourage the subordinate to improve their performance. This type of leadership plays a role between the managers and the subordinates. The style can be said to be an exchange of the reward and the target by the management for the achievement of the set goals and the objectives.

Communication skills

Communication skills are necessary for the aid to practical innovation for the organization. Many of the organizations have the belief that when there is a communication skill in their organization, they will increase their organization’s ability to innovate. Innovation is very critical when it comes to knowledge economy for it encourages growth, new products in the market and various new methods that are used in delivering value to the customers. The managers of an organization are in a position where they can manage all the risks that may come across a company. They are people that can experiment the new ideas that may come along them. They can quickly analyze the risk and the amount of risk that the company can come across. The managers can quickly come up or develop a way in which they will minimize the risk and identify the place where it is needed most. The managers can quickly seize an opportunity. The leaders are proactive, and they are fast at taking the initiative and ownership for success. They anticipate the potential obstacles before they decide on taking any action and they are quick at avoiding over-analysis. They are people who push for personal performance, and they often work independently for long periods of a minimal support. These leaders that have this particular skill are in the position to take advantage of a new idea that comes along or any opportunity that will have an impact on the organization.

Describe the communication strategies you would use to introduce the proposed changes to your work team.

Communication strategies are the ways that can be used for exchanging information. There are various ways for passing or exchanging information in the organization. For this project, it would be effective for the manager to share the information that he or she has by using the following strategies. To begin with is the verbal communication strategy. The verbal communication strategy can be broken into two forms which are written or oral. The manager can consider the written policy, where he can send the proposed project via the email, text or by chat. Doing it orally can also be effective for this includes the use of phone calls, video chat or a face to face conversation where the employees and the manager can discuss the proposed project. Also, there is the nonverbal and visual communication strategy.

Describe the organizational culture and its readiness for team creativity and innovation.

Change is inevitable in most of the organizations. Organizational cultural issues are getting significant as well as them becoming a strategic competitive advantage. Corporate culture leads to competition for there are several dramatic changes in strategy that are required. Creativity and innovation play a role in making change for the organization. A team culture should be one that is interpretive. A manager should be able to describe all the steps that they took and the change that has been impacted to the organization from the time when they came into the team. For a team to be or remain innovative, then it requires the leaders to foster and develop a system that will be innovative among their followers. The actions that are to be taken by the managers should be related to the creativity that the organization will produce in the later years.

With the in-depth leadership training, accountability and the daily communication that goes on about the leadership responsibilities and the ability to foster trust and creativity, the managers can quickly rise to the standards that are necessary to inspire innovation and growth of the next generation and innovative leaders.

Explain the causes of resistance to the changes and the similar tactics you would use to address each cause.

Causes of resistance to change

In an organization, a manager will come across one or two employees that are against change. Change is constant in every organization, and the employees are the first opponent to change. Some of the causes of resistance to change include the bad management of change in the workplace.  A bad management of change can make most of the employees to hate change in the department that they are working. The managers and the advisors are the people responsible for implementing the change in the organization, and this is the place where it becomes a challenge. When the managers are the only ones that will pass the information about an individual product in the organization they will not possess the training and knowledge that is necessary for them to be competent for them to be agents of change in the organization. This is the reason that leads to poor communication in the organization between the C-suite and the general employees.  It happens that most of the employees will not respond to change that has been the case in the group with happiness. The company has to understand that there will be resistance.

Some of the causes include: job loss is the primary reason as to why most of the employees are likely to resist change in the organization. When a company comes to change most of the employees are worried for there is a time when the agency will be required to downsize some of the employees or create new jobs. This causes the fear of job loss.  Also, there is poor communication and engagement. Again there is the lack of trust and poor timing that is among the employees and the management.

How to overcome resistance and implement the change

The company should be in a position where they can overcome the opposition. Despite how the company can manage change, they will be faced with resistance often. The companies should come with a strategy where they can quickly engage the people that are against the modification. By doing this, they will be able to see their concern, and they will be able to alleviate the problem by time.  The second way to overcome resistance is by ensuring that they effectively engage the employees where they can listen to what the employees have to say about change. There is the implementation of change in various stages and communicating the change effectively. These are the several ways in which the organization can overcome resistance to prevent the consequences.

Describe the manner in which the changes will be implemented, applying the 8-Step Process for Leading Change

The first step for the manager to implement change is by creating urgency. The manager should be in a position where they can develop a sense of urgency to improving the organization this is important for the company will be able to get things moving. Forming a powerful coalition can also help for the manager will be having people that will be supporting him in emphasizing the necessity of change in an organization. There is the creation of a vision for change. When a person starts thinking about change, many things and ideas float around. One can determine the necessary values and create a strategy that can be bringing out the change effectively.


Change in many organizations has a high impact on the organization itself and the people that are involved in the entire process. The group as a whole should be included in this particular step or process for the team as a whole to be able to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set. They will be able to innovate more for different people that are in the organization will be able to come up with various new ideas that can be implemented by the company.

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