Teamwork and Goals

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As a member of a healthcare team, I am part of a multidisciplinary profession in which many health professionals from various specialties must come together with one another, as well as with the patients and their families to collaborate and share resources for a common goal. This partnership is essential in diagnosis, care plan development, trust building, goal setting, reducing medical errors, decreasing healthcare costs, and developing methods for improving outcomes. Throughout my professional career, I feel I have developed my skills as an effective team member and hold the essential values and principles to make a positive contribution in a team-based system

Being part of a team within a hospital emergency department, I am required to share responsibilities with high-quality teamwork and hold high personal accountability, as well as ensuring holding other team members to equally high standards. I communicate by closed-loop communication to help avoid errors and misunderstandings. Communication is essential in a team-based approach to patient care, also including patients and their families in the communication process. Additionally, by being an effective communicator within the team, new technology information is shared in this ever-developing field, allows guidelines and expectations to be relayed and promotes conflict resolution.

On a day to day basis, being part of a team requires mutual trust, honesty and possessing high integrity. I have built a foundation with other team members by holding these values, as well as having humility. I am open to new ideas, advice, criticism and I work creatively with others to problem solve. I come to work every day in good spirits and commitment, with an optimistic approach to help build a positive culture in the workplace to improve team functionality and dynamics.

I view myself as an individual who is part of a team working together to achieve common goals by knowing the role each team member plays and by respecting others strengths and specialties, as well as my own. I take the “we” approach, instead of the “I” approach. In the healthcare environment, delivering high-quality patient care is based on a focused team approach. I have the attitude of, an effective team can achieve great ambition. Maintaining these values and principals are essential in this multidisciplinary field.

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