My Dreams and my Goals

Greetings, my name is Blessing Adebisi, I’m 17, I’m a freshman in college. Life obeys no man, and no matter how you planned your life something always goes wrong, but when I’m 100, I hope to be blissfully taken away from this world and start my journey to eternity. By then I hope to be living in a small house (not a home). I hope to have established my own Auditing firm by then.

By the age of 50, I hope to be the head of my own growing, and prospering business, I hope my children have established their own businesses or go to the best schools to get their education. By the age of 30, I hope to start my own business, I’ll loan about $20,000 from the bank to start a small firm. And hopefully I get to travel to Tokyo with my sister. I’ll save about $10,000, she has always wanted to go, and I want to make it her present for graduating college. I hope to have seen and experienced many cultures by then by traveling on business trips. I hope I would have paid all the loans that I accumulated in school. I hope I have my masters, and an associate degree by then. I hope I had at least one child by then, and I hope I have finally opened my own firm by then. I hope that I have gotten married by then.

And finally, one year from now, I hope that I passed all my classes, with “”A”” by studying. I hope that by then I have a job getting about $900 per month, and I hope that by then I have my own apartment, I hope that by then I can manage my time properly, by making a timetable and following it, and I hope that by then have control on how I progress in my college life.

I know that life owes you nothing, and I know that time waits for no man, but I do wish that my dreams and aspirations come true. I hope that I would be strong enough to face the challenges that college has in store for me. I hope I have the confidence to go and ask for help when I need it so that whatever problems come to obstruct my vision, I’ll be able to overcome it, and come up on top, and live my dream, and follow my goals.

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