Goals for Studying Abroad

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Going to a different country opens me up to many changes. For some reason change can be so much easier when its abundant, therefore I will be instituting many changes in every area of my life to acclimate to this new country and to propel my career forward. First and foremost are my personal goals. One big opportunity that comes with studying in England is easy access to several diverse countries, so I really want to experience many different cultures while still keeping college courses my number one priority. This will give me a more holistic understanding of the world and help remind me to consider everything with an open mind. In all these adventures, a plethora of memories will be made, so I plan to make a blog to record these memories and inform my family and friends of what I’m up to. This will also allow me to build up my coding, writing, and graphic design skills which will better prepare me for my future career. My last personal goal is to try as many new things as possible. This ties in to the experiencing different cultures goal, but this one will have more of an emphasis on being brave and having confidence. Bravery and confidence will be instrumental in every aspect of my life so it’s important for me to take the time to work on it. 

Of course, studying abroad has a major focus on my education as well. My first academic goal beyond exceling in all my classes, is to join a business club to gain more experience in my major in a hands-on environment. I want to take to advantage of Professor’s office hours often, this will help me get a better perspective on concepts directly from the expert. Using professor office hours will also give me access to people who have succeeded in business which will help with gaining new contacts and growth of my knowledge in the field. I will be in a country rich in history, so I am determined to visit the museums and monuments that are close by. Visiting these museums and monuments are great for expanding my knowledge for graphic design as art history can be a great basis for inspiration and learning how problem solving has developed over time. This will enrich my knowledge of the world as well. 

As far as professional goals, I will apply for an internship abroad to get my foot in the door at some international companies. After graduation I plan to work abroad, so this step is essential in preparing for the future. Interning while abroad is a great differentiator on resumes as well. I will finally start going to networking events to learn a little from people who are already succeeding in my career field and to secure some jobs down the road. Lastly, I want to do some volunteering to give back to my community. Volunteering, depending on where I do it can provide me with new, useful skills and resume experience. 

I am so excited about this outstanding experience and look forward to reaching my goals. Thank you for considering me for this phenomenal opportunity! 

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