Examples of Legal and Illegal Drugs

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One example of the legal performance-enhancing drug is Chromium Picolinate. This accesses stored fat in your body and converts that fat to energy. This gives people who are active the ability to work harder and longer because there is much more energy. It also burns fat so it helps people who are training to lose weight. This does not have a long term effect on the body as far as we know. This won’t hurt any organs either.

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“Examples of Legal and Illegal Drugs”

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Another example of a legal performance-enhancing drug is amino powder. Amino powder builds muscle and it contains a ton of protein. More amino acids mean more lean muscle mass. This also helps muscle rebuilt tissue after you’ve exercised. It also can stabilize energy. This ‘drug’ also won’t hurt your body as it is a short term effect.

The last legal one that I’ll talk about is Race Caps Supreme. This is natural, low sugar fuel. It uses the benefits of CoQ10, enzymes, and other ingredients. It makes your body create more ATP so you can work out longer. Runners will usually use this when they are going on an endurance run. It can make you feel energized and less hungry while you work out. This is also one that isn’t bad for you and it won’t hurt your body for it is also short term effect like the ones mentioned above.

One illegal performance-enhancing drug is Bolandiol. The pros of this drug include but is not limited to: endurance increase, fat loss, muscle recovery increase, muscle size and strength increase. The cons are: baldness, breast enlargement for men, aggressiveness, and acne. This drug can mess up your signaling pathways, coregulators, and tissue. It may not show up until later though.

The second illegal performance-enhancing drug is Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents. These are used to stimulate bone marrow to produce more and more red blood cells. This increases the amount of oxygen your blood holds. Some of the downfalls of using these are that you can have: high blood pressure, fevers, swelling, dizziness and nausea. It can cause influenza like symptoms. Scientists aren’t sure about the long term effects of this drug yet.

The last illegal drug is anabolic-androgenic steroids. This increases muscle mass and strength. The way that it does this is it produces testosterone. It promotes building muscle. This can cause things such as mania, paranoia, delusions, and aggression. The long term effects are kidney failure, tumors, blood clots, an enlarged heart, and liver damage. Men can have baldness, decreased sperm count, breast development, and prostate cancer. Women can grow excess hair, decreased breast size, baldness, deeper voice, and not having a menstrual cycle. Teens can have a stunted growth or height.

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