James Graham about Global Warming

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James Graham
My Position On Global Warming
Global Warming is an issue towards which many individuals in the scientific community hold negative stances. Even though my stance differs for a variety of reasons, the generally accepted idea of global warming is definitely an angle that needs to be communicated.
First, global warming is the belief that human activity is causing the temperature of the Earth to rise. This temperature change is believed by many scientists to be spiraling out of control, and the increasing rate will eventually lead to huge environmental changes.
Government-funded agencies like NASA have stated that on Earth, human activities are changing the natural environment. NASA presumes that over the last century, the burning offossil fuels like coal and oil has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This happens in light of the fact that the coal or oil burning procedures consolidate carbon with oxygen noticeably all around to make carbon dioxide. Additionally and to a lesser degree, the freeing from land for agribusiness, industry, and other human exercises has expanded groupings of ozone harming substances. The outcomes of changing the common environmental nursery are hard to anticipate, yet certain impacts appear to be likely: by and large, Earth will get hotter. A few districts may invite hotter temperatures, however, others may not.
Hotter conditions will most likely prompt more dissipation and precipitation by and large, yet singular districts will shift, some getting wetter and others dryer. A more grounded nursery impact will warm the seas and in part liquefy ice sheets and other ice, expanding ocean level. Seawater additionally will grow in the event that it warms, contributing further to the ocean level ascent. In the interim, a few harvests and different plants may react well to expanded environmental carbon dioxide, developing all the more vivaciously and utilizing water all the more productively.
Simultaneously, higher temperatures and moving atmosphere examples may change the regions where harvests develop best and influence the cosmetics of characteristic plant networks.
Another group advocating for global warming is National Geographic. This organization states that “global warming is the long-term warming of the planet’s overall temperature”. In their studies they found that this warming pattern has been continuing for quite a while, its pace has altogether expanded over the most recent hundred years because of the consumption of non-renewable energy sources. As the human populace has expanded, so has the volume of non-renewable energy sources consumed. Non-renewable energy sources incorporate coal, oil, and flammable gas, and consuming them causes an impact on Earth's climate.
Though these issues may seem unsolvable, there have been presented solutions that may reverse global warming. Climate Change Solutions is an organization dedicated to reversing human impact on the environment. One idea that they have proposed it to create more circular economies, meaning to most efficient use of all units of input/output in an economy. If implemented this could reduce or eliminate inefficiency in markets and reduce overall waste  produced. Another suggestion is to improve land usage and urban planning. This would basically further the agenda of promoting efficiency and using as few resources as possible. Using renewable resources like solar, wind, and hydro energy sources are something they also advocate for. Recycling is also an activity they suggest so that all resources can be used effectively. Air cleaners are also an idea proposed by the CCS and these devices would simply filter carbon dioxide from the environment back into oxygen.
In conclusion, global warming is an issue that brings many in the scientific community must distress. Despite the fact that my position varies for an assortment of reasons, for the most part, there is an acknowledged thought of an Earth-wide temperature boost is an unquestionable edge that should be imparted.
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